GaG came to mind when I read this article


While it is satire, there is truth to this. I also expect to hear a lot of immature backlash in turn. :p

Gee, thanks for the trivial edit


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  • I take it you haven't read the actual 'women are evil' sites on the internet. I'd guess what you see here is a pretty typical cross section of how guys think.

    • It was mostly the first point made that reminded me of a lot of guys here. I've always heard the usual frustrations about women from guys outside of this site, but here, it's rather sad to see the numbers involved in the whole "OMG I DIDN'T GET WHAT I WANTED, SO THAT WOMAN IS EVIL/SLUTTY/OTHER DEROGATORY TERM." When he mentioned some of the things said on those women hating sites, yes, THIS site came to mind because that bs exists in the comments here, too. Overall, it's rather sad.

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    • Our society sends out a lot of mixed signals. Being a "slut" is bad. Wanting to have sex is bad. BUT OMG IF YOU DON'T PUT OUT BY X DATE THEN HE'LL DUMP YOU. ...uh, what? Guys are all about sex and they're aiming for "slutty" girls in order to get laid, yet they're considered morally wrong. ...but guys should want to have a relationship with the good girl. How can that exist if he's targeting sluts to get laid? Sooo much contradicting bs out there. :/

    • \There is a lot of contradicting BS, and that tends to make people lash out. Some guys hold both those views happily - they have hookups (who they have no respect for) while planning to settle down with a good girl. And the guys who try to follow the rules get ... nowhere. For some reason hat bothers them. They're about as happy as a girl who hates sex but had sex anyway and got dumped for being a slut would be (by which I mean, they are NOT doing what they want ... then lose out for it)

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  • Second time someone today linked this article. =P

    • Boo, I missed it. I was amused when I saw it on FB. The first point made totally reminded me of the whiners on this site. "OMGZ I DIDNT GET WHAT I WANTED SO WOMEN ARE EEEEVIL!"

  • I got that article of Belgie's status, I love it, it's right from start to finish. So many people aren't admitting it's right. IT'S RIGHT.

    My favorite part is, on Reddit, women being whores got 7,500 agreements and women being something else terrible got 9,530. That's like... A SUREFIRE way to get famous, I just realised. Because, you've got an AUDIENCE there. You come out, as a public figure of some kind, with opinions like that, and have that as the cardinal ethos of your body of work, BAM. Nearly 10,000 fans from Reditt alone, and that's assuming all of the 7,500 agreed with the other. You could have nearly 20,000. And how many people on here, and on 4chan, blogspot, tumblr, f***ing... EVERYWHERE else.There's a MEAT market out there. And then, goddamn... That's just the internet!

    So, anyone who's looking for a gap in the market - there's an audience, totally untapped.

    Infact, that'd be good for selling to, make products that are purportedly anti-whore, or something.

  • link Someone beat you to it :P

  • I guess its true in some aspects?

    • In a few, yes. As a whole, I know not every guy is like that. I've met decent ones. It was interesting to see this because a lot of people are starting to take notice of how our society is starting to revert back to a 1950s mentality and it's from the YOUNGER generation. It's kind of disturbing. I think a lot of it has to do with ignorance though, which the younger generations are becoming at an alarming rate. Lack of knowledge + self centered intentions = this bs.

    • Was the comment necessary?

  • sounds like more feminist, anti-male propaganda, that the insecure/unwanted girls can rally around.

    apparently it worked.

  • 1) so basically if women aren't put on the pedestal, men hate them...

    2) if you say it is true, and someone disagrees, it is "immature backlash"

    ... nothing to see here

    #woman logic

    • By immature backlash I meant "NO, WE HAVE IT HARDER BECAUSE ___________" or cue other anti female comments. Yours is just lack of logic and assumptions. Gold star for you.

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    • And there's the immaturity I was referring to. You get TWO gold stars!

    • yep... "he said something I do not agree with! there's nothing wrong with me! there's something wrong with HIM!" I like to talk in CAPS and spam exclamation points!" about immaturity. you needed a coping mechanism to deal with things that you read on a message board, so you decide to go looking for some anti-male material on the net, pretending anything you don't want to accept is immature/misogynist.

      you need some meds asap

  • lol The girls have found an article they can rally around.


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