Are there certain Q's on GAG that you avoid? long ones? emo ones?

Are there certain q's where you see the question and you're like hmm no way am I opening that... (I might attempt to make a poll, we shall see!)

  • I avoid q's about breakups
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  • I avoid q's about people's weight
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  • I avoid q's from teenagers
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  • I avoid q's where people post pics and ask how pretty they are
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Penis-size questions.

    • hahaha fact. those are funny.

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What Guys Said 3

  • The teen ones. They will never stop because these tards just reached an age where they constantly seek validation by posting pictures of themselves and asking generic questions that are too vague to answer or have been asked millions of times before. Its a period of growth where nobody else understands. They are a unique and virtuous flower filled with wisdom and know-how. Disagree? You're just old and dumb. Oh teens...

    • ahh yeah the teens that have the bad grammer... bad... just bad...

    • Not to mention.. You were a teen sometime ago too! -.-

    • haha that is true!

  • Pretty much I avoid walls of texts, can't make myself to read loaaaaads of boring bullsh*t - "how someone's ex was going there and doing that and that and their friends also were that but there's another situation and there's some stuff..." oh god! And there's a full page(!) of that!

    Maybe those people really actually need some help, but I'm quite straightforward and simple about problem-solving, I couldn't really bother to "get into" such messed up situations.

    But basically.. I avoid lame questions. And there are pretty much of them.

    That's why I don't answer them.. there's luckily one or two good questions from ten pages.

    • hahaha yeah, I think I avoid those ones too!

  • Long ones

    "Does he like me" ones

    "What is he thinking" ones

    • Yeah, it's so frustrating because I totally avoid those too.. but I also post them! guilty as charged.

What Girls Said 3

  • I don't avoid many questions. I just answer whatever ones I feel like answering or can answer to help.

    I tend to stay away from break ups though.

  • people who constantly post pics of themselves

    people who are complaining about their weight, when they are clearly fine

    people who cheat but try to justify their actions

    16 year olds having drunken sex and wonder if their girlfriend is pregnant the day after. -_-

    • I decide to answer this question because it was worded differently, but the girls who answered were called bitches by the QA


    • woah that's crazy. that's not very nice... yeah some people get really big attitudes when they reply to questions almost like the QA is crazy or something

  • no not really ...

    • wow that's really nice of you!

    • thank you :)

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