Can we somehow limit the anonymous questions? They are becoming the norm.

Most people here ask every question anonymously now. For me, it takes away part of the fun of answering, since I try to take into account the information I read on profiles, such as age (really, a 24 year old should get a different answer than an 18 year old), ethnicity, relationship history, past questions they may have asked, and any other information I can glean.

Not to mention that many people who aren't anonymous now keep their profiles private and unless you are friends, you are still answering only the slight information usually provided in the question itself.

This is fine for people asking the sex questions, but any question that asks for some sort of reflection or analysis becomes difficult to answer when you know little or nothing about the person asking..

I love it when people ask the 'rate me' questions anonymously, posting a picture of themselves at the same time.

Maybe only three anonymous questions a week? I mean, how many questions are really of such a sensitive nature that you need to be anonymous? For example, questions about breaking up, if you're broken up, why do you have to discuss it in secret? We're mostly strangers living far from you..All your friends already know all the details, most likely.

If I'm 'flying blind', depending only on the few lines of a question without knowing anything about who is asking, I can't give very insightful suggestions.

Also, it is irritting to answer a question and then discover you've been blocked by the question asker. There's no way to know that until you've written the answer.

And there's the problem of abuse from people who post anonyously. Many of them behave and ways they wouldn't if we knew who they were. Even if we just 'knew' their avatar, we'd know the source.


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  • You're on the ball. It's so hard to truly answer q's

    • There are diffeent answers depending on who is asking, and if we don't know anything about who is asking...this is why the site is mostly does he like me, rate me, etc.,

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  • even when you ask anonymous it shows gender and age of who asked the question.

    Anything beyond that as far as"ethnicity, relationship history, past questions they may have asked"

    that's not really your business to be honest and if they want you to know they would put in their question.

    It would also probably make a lot less questions for people to answer, what embarrasses someone else may not embarrass you and that's really not up to you.

    So no I don't agree.

    I actually go back and select anonymous on all my questions after a few days because they can be googled and maybe I don't want co workers or other people to see the zombie/video game/abortion questions I just asked.

    • Gender yes, but age only roughly. For the most part I'd give a different answer to an 18 year old than I would a 24 year old, and all we knw is they are 18-24.

      If people aren't willing to give information about their ethnicity, relationship history, etc , then they can't expect an insightful answer.

  • I think it's the younger users that mainly use that feature, but of course it depends on what questions are being asked.

  • so are people with cat avatars.

    • i mean isn't having a cat avatar the same as being annoymouns?

    • That just adds to how silly it is to always be anonymous Most of us use avatars and unidentifiable user naes, so as you say, we are already partly anonymous So why aks every single question anonymously?

      In my case, you can read my profile which gives pretty detailed information, right? That's what is missing when people write anonyously and/or hide their profiles

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  • very good point. I would like the anonymous feature removed. I do not use it now. It is called candid and open. but message if you do not want the prudes to see.hahahhahaha

    • Maybe not removed, but some limit put on it. Something like 85% of the questions are anonymous now, including things like what's your favorite movie..

    • yeah. maybe limit the number from an individual per week to maybe 2. then they need to show their face. and the repeat questions. really, blowjobs have not changed that much since last week.

  • I could understand maybe asking anonymously for sexuality but when it comes to asking what your favorite cuisine is like I just saw a girl do, anonymously...I think at that point, you're just abusing the fact that you CAN ask anonymously. We're not going to judge you based on your diet. Plus, I like to know about the person who is asking the question because it helps me answer the question