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So there is a girl here on GAG who I speak to on chat, like we all have our random people on our chat thing we talk to. Anyway she wanted to know where I live, so I just told her my province and capital and NOT home address, I`m pretty sure she wanted that. Once I told her my province and capital in Canada, she was sad that I lived far from her, it made me curious if she liked me Because on this site you expect to talk to people miles away. And so she looked at my pictures and liked it, but wanted to see more, so all I did was link her my Facebook profile pics and she can see them without a friend add. She points out some I should upload to GAG, then later on I find a friend add by her which I haven`t said yes or no to yet. She has also looked at my links and stuff, and commenting. What do you think GAG world?

She is complementing on my links. I said thank you, and she says I'ma cool guy and that they were worth looking at.


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  • Some people are here to make new cyber buddies, some to soley help solve other peoples problems or to contribute towards interesting discussions, few are perves and twisted and some are treating this site as a dating hook up website. The girl probably likes you, but you need to decide what you want and if you are not interested in this person in that way then you need to let her know.

    • Hey I did let her know I am not, but she's still talking anyway.

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    • She's not harassing me, I'm just looking for opinions, which is why I asked the question. She's fine.

    • Cool, be aware though seems like she has a thing for you. :)

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  • A lot of guys on this site have tried to date me / sleep me and I can't understand why. Either that or they just want to talk about sex with me. I have no idea why they do it.

  • Question is do you like her / want to know more about her? Then accept


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