How much Xper do you get?

For asking a question? (+1 it seems)

For question rating? (doesn't seem to be any xper here)

For answers? (it's either +1 or +2 ... site says +3 but it lies)

For best answers? (+3 +10? or +3 for the answer +7 for best answer?)

Because I've looked at some of the rankings and the xper doesn't quite add up according to the table the site gives.

When you've answered 30 questions and you've gotten 70 xper.. it makes it pretty clear to me that an answer is not worth +3 xper.

I'm trying to solve a mystery but the site's table is a red herring and I have to figure out the xper points system myself -.- or with your help! >:)

Also, for you how long does it seem to take to update your rankings, and how long does it seem to take to get your xpers for your answers/best-answers?


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  • at the bottom of that page it says it takes 24-48 hours to calculate so that could be the problem

    • In the rankings the amount of answers and the xpers are not updated at the same time? So it shows you've answered 30 questions, but it only shows the xpers for 20 of the questions?

    • If in the rankings they are not updated at equal times that could throw off calculations substantially. You think that's it?

    • This was it. Thanks. ^^

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  • It takes a day or two for them to calculate your xper.

    Also, I'm pretty sure you can have xper taken away for certain things, and you can gain xper for more than just asking/answering questions. For example, you get xper on your birthday.

  • I don't even know wtf xper is. Sorry hun, but you sound like you spend way too much time here. You're too cute for that


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  • link


    • I got downvoted for providing the official details on xper rewards?


    • You didn't address my question of why the calculations were off with the tables. I already stated that I've seen the tables, yet all you did was link a table I said I've already seen.

      "Because I've looked at some of the rankings and the xper doesn't quite add up according to the table the site gives."

      The other two stated what I missed, or what they thought I might of missed.

    • Okay, my bad. I was going by my own experience of the site as I'd noticed the 24-48 hour delay notice months before I stumbled across the table. My bad for not reading the question in its entirety.