Has GaG helped you to percieve things differently?

All ages, nationalities, ethnicities, genders and people from all walks of life have contributed towards questions and answers on this site. I was wondering if some of the answers or questions have made users view groups of people differently whether in a positive or negative light?


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  • Girls are more shallow about certain things than I thought before

    (here come the downvotes lol)

    • Cyrus that is true but to a certain extent.

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    • no, most girls have this thought pattern, except maybe a few

    • Agreed so you have a thumbs up from me :)

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  • I think if I were single, I'd make _more_ of an effort then I might have before to see if black girls were interested in me.

    I've learned that more women then I realized have a similar sex drive and like similar things to me. I guess also that more men then I realized are _not_ like me.

    • That's really cool thanks for your answer.

  • No, I'm still a racist prick.

    • Never mind, and I'm sure you're not a prick.

    • Its sarcasm. There's no way you could have known that, though so its okay.

    • No it's not sarcasm, unfortunately I'm just a polite pleasant person.

  • We have raised a generation of nancy boys, filled with insecurities, misconceptions about the world and a barely suppressed rage towards women.

    That's one way to reduce the worlds population I guess, because no girl is gonna f*** those losers.


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  • It's taught me there are some truly delusional, doomed, bitter individuals in this world.

    It's honestly a girls vs guys type of website, because both girls and guys on here have this general sense of entitlement and act like the other gender is the most superficial thing to hit the planet. Seriously, everyone has f***ing standards and preferences and people on here act like it's a newly found f***ing concept.

    Between the whiny retarded dudes on here who are never going to get girlfriends and relationships and the dumb twats that act like they deserve every f***ing dude on the face of the planet cause they're "natural," and shy, I don't know what to say.

    And to think this site is filled with self proclaimed nice guys and nice girls.

    • You forgort to add perves!