What do I say to somebody whose asked me to friend them on here?

i know this might sound silly to some but I just don't know what to say when someone asks me to friend them on here and then I do. I'm just wondering why some people go around randomly asking people to friend them and then not send a message. is this like serial friending? and should I send them a message to say hi or would that be not cool. I'm very shy by the way and have been an introvert for the past while (my parents both died recently and I've been in mourning I guess). and coming on here has helped me open a bit more. its just awkward for me with the friending thing on here because I just haven't known what to say about me and my life.


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  • I just accept and let it be. Sometimes I think they're just doing it to stalk my answers, which is understandable.

    or maybe they don't know how to chat with the meebo bar gone.

    (log in to meebo directly :p )

    • yeah that's where I was getting a little worried about - prying eyes :o) and yeah I've heard about others having problems on here with the meebo thing. just have no idea how to log in to meebo directly :o) thank you for your answer too. that is sure is nice of you all to take the time to reply. I was a little self conscious of what anyone would say.

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  • Well when I become friends with someone on here I always send a "hi" message.

    If you are shy just send a hi... Most people are easy to talk to :)

    • well that is a very nice thing for you to do. I guess I just get a little nervous about what to talk about. I'm going to try and send a message to the few (3) who've friended me on here. its reassuring to know that people sometimes just want to say hi and are actually genuine about it. thank you :o)

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    • that is very nice of you. just give me some time to follow up ok? I would like to seriously consider your offer :o)

    • No problem. I'm always here :)

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  • They just want to become friends. There are some pretty cool people on GAG. There is nothing wrong with being a friend with some of them. It's not like they are going to track you down and kill you.

    They think you look pretty maybe or they think you can hold a conversation. That's all.

    They don't exactly want to get into your pants.

    • haha thank you for your reply. and yeah you're right there are some really nice and very cool people on here. that's why I like it. I'm just learning how to open up and talk about myself again. thank you :o)

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