Why do questions about GAG itself get removed?

I recently posted a question about why GAG won't inform us about removing the chat bar. All I wanted to know was why they didn't send a message or something to everyone about 1.) the chat bar being removed (people are in the middle of a conversation and suddenly it's all gone...not cool GAG!) and 2.) whether it's coming back or not.

Why did this question get removed. Was it rude? Inappropriate? Too much criticism? I don't get.

Maybe LondonPrincess would like to answer this one for us. Please.

And just to make it clear...I'm kindly asking, in a respectful way. So please don't remove this one too. Just please give me an answer. That would be very nice. Thanks! :)


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  • This may not get removed only because you addressed it being removed lol. Most questions regarding the criticism of gag will be removed because there is not freedom of speech anymore on gag. This has been going on for over a year now and it is getting worse. There is nobody with sense (or not many) removing the posts. They send emails saying it is spam or offensive when it is clear that there is absolutely NO advertisements or vulgarity. Gag has lost it's touch and power hungry people with the ability to remove posts have friends that influence them regardless of what is said here.


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  • Lol it will be removed. I thought for a second that my question( which was kinda similar) would'nt get removed but it just did after about 36 hours. Gag needs to remove allllllll the mods, super mods, and admins and start from scratch. Wayyyyy to much favortism here and wayyyyy to cliqueish

    • Oh and gag likes to use the excuse about having too many questions being similar hahahaha they lie and expect us all to be stupid and believe that look at this question-there ahs been 743298742398672389645234 questions like this but will it get removed? hahaha hell no- link

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    • hahahah like this? link

    • oh and gag likes to remove these questions because they are irrelevant lol. If so then why is it rated so highly like the one that I had up and got removed because it wasn't relevant even though it had more than 15 answers on it... oh and ever see this question 9843752938754238 times? link

  • It's like the Obama Administration... you are not allowed to question them since they think they're always right.

    • Why so many downvotes? Who the hell still supports Obama?

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    • You're telling me. I even get downvoted for saying negative things about communism.

    • Here in America apparently we're all supposed to listen to "King" Obama, since he's more of a dictator than President. Then you have all the young and hip kids who think we should all share and hug. Everyone wants something and doesn't wanna work for it. I love the people who say they didn't get anywhere in life because they couldn't get an education. America is (or was) the land of opportunity and anything here can be achieved.

  • Moderating is hard work, I guess. Websites run round the clock so there are bound to be mistakes made.

    • Hard work? Really? And I know how they screen the questions. People with multiple accounts report the post and then they are removed. Gag does not truly read them with an objective mind because they do not want any feather ruffled therefore they just remove them. I answered a question the other day in an unfavorable way as did 5 or 6 other people. Next thing I see is that only the answers the question asker liked stayed on there. I find that to be oppresive and immoral.

    • Well then you make a website with user content and try to please everyone.

    • I would want to if I had the resources and knowledge of software. I know for a fact that it would be hard to monitor but like I mentioned before gag does not honestly look at the reported posts. People with multiple accounts just report it over and over and then it gets removed. It's simple to do. If you do not believe me I can call my friends with multiple accounts lol and have ONLY your post removed. Its really easy to do

  • I didn't notice it was gone til now.


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  • Maybe because there have been a million questions about the Meebo chat thing lately. If I were a super mod I'd be deleting them, I mean jeez... I know people are upset about it but still.

    But it is odd, some of the questions that get removed. I've seen some pretty legitimate ones asking about some GAG feature get removed, and I can usually never figure out why. I guess the only thing they have in common is that they're criticizing the site..

    • Consistency of Question removal has long been a source of extreme bewilderment on this site...is almost as though they have a quota...like cops and writing tickets...o.O

    • Well, I don't know about questions, but we regular mods do have a sort of "quota" as far as removing answers/comments goes... It's really not very high, but yeah. (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it but I don't see why not.)

    • yeah but it is not the mods that bother most of us..even though some may think so...(:

  • A) lack of self esteem

    B) paranoia

    C) suspicions of conspiracy

    D) illusions of grandeur

  • If the same question is asked over and over, we remove the repeat questions, and re-route the answers to the original question. That makes searching the site more effective and relevant.

    If you have a complaint or feedback, we recommend contacting us - that's the best way to ensure that we will read your message, address it, and take it into consideration. With thousands of questions being asked weekly, input may get bypassed. Contacting us is the quickest and best way to give us feedback. :)

    Regarding Chat - it has been removed to make improvements and address issues we have all been experiencing, so we don't have a firm date yet. We want to make sure the GAG features are as close to perfect as possible. :)


    • Repeat questions about gag are removed but almost all the other repeat questions stay. You can't criticise gag thus those questions will be removed. Most times when you contact gag about a removal of a question you will be ignored. Questions are removed routinely and called spam when obviously there is no spam. The people removing questions do not screen them properly most of the time. Posts get reported from people that either do not like the answer or are stalking them at least half the time.

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    • @7gnat - I hear what you're saying...that there is some confusion as to why certain questions are removed, and that perhaps our definition of "spam" is a bit broad. "Spam" can also refer to posts that are made solely to stir up members and evoke negative responses. While we encourage lively debate, we ask that you refrain from flat out offending, taunting, and mentioning other users - these are removed. f you see other offensive posts, please report them. :) Thanks.

    • Now I am completely sure that LondonPrincess is a robot. I mean seriously, that stuff she comments, it's obviously a pre-worded.