Why is the chat gone?

So I have fully read the terms and conditions of what can be removed as a question and according to this sites terms and conditions there is no legitimate reason for this question to be removed.

So, does anyone know why the GaG chat is gone?


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  • The over sensitive "super mods" may come in here and remove it anyway like they have been doing. GAG should have never given them so much power becuase some of them are abusing it. I don't know why they removed the chat but if GAG keeps this bs up, I'll probably leave along with several others


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  • this question has been asked a number of times before

    so it probably will be taken down

    • the search function on here is useless, so I couldn't actually find a similar question so I had to keep asking til I got an answer instead of it just taken down without at least an answer first

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