Has anyone else ever got their account canceled for a completely false reason ?

i'm just so annoyed right now.

has this ever happened to you ? shouldn't GAG at least send you a warning message instead of cancelling everything especially when they have no reason to ?

im just afraid if I give the reason they are going to delete that account as well
so they said I stated in one of my question that I was under 16 which is completely false since I'm 20.

like seriously why would they say that ?
thats fine I'm so sorry for bothering all of you with that.

thanks for taking the time to answer me

i should also apologize to that site!

i'm just the dumbest person ever, and I cannot even put a verb to the right tense

that grammatical mistake made me claim things lol

just forget it lol that's just my stupid self


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  • You agreed to the GirlsAskGuys Terms of Use before you joined this site. You were terminated for a reason, now figure it out and don't make the same mistakes again.

    This question will get deleted because it's a violation of the Terms of Use. If you ask another question ranting about how unfair it is that your questions get deleted, that too will be gone. Why? Same reason as the last.

    • Lol, now I know you're under 16. Rules apply only when they aren't bothering you!

    • really ? I can send you a pic of my passeport if that's what you want

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  • I remember you,

    just saying I never reported you or anything

    GAG's pretty trigger-happy when it comes to deleting questions

    but I don't know about users

  • What "false" reason did they give?

  • Re: Update.

    Regardless of what age you claim to be when you join the site, if you state in any question or answer or comment that you are under 16 (even if you do it anonymously) they will remove your account.

    • i havent, I asked GAG to at least send me the so-called statement and no one took the time to do so

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    • no but how can you access that kind of things ? would you mind friending me and chat about it ?

    • I don't give up my secrets that easily. :) But yes, I can friend you and you can chat with me about it.

  • No but I have got a lot of warnings.. which I deliberately don't take any seriously.

    Probably you were that one random unlucky person who got banstamp on her forehead.. to let everyone see - that mods take this sh*t for real!

    • How many warnings did you get?

      I got one and it was about 2 hours ago and he never replied when I asked for evidence lol.

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    • Offensive? Not really...

      But politically incorrect.. and damn proud of it!

    • lol. I don't understand what their problem is but whatever .

      Good luck man!

  • YES!

    and watch.this question will be removed too you can bet.

    i'd love to know who run's this site bcoz they are cowards. lol

    • @update

      They won't once you don't do it again I think.

      C'mon, tell us if you want ! ^^

    • @update That sound's weird.

      Are you sure your age wasn't set as under 16?what was the question anyway?

  • GAG doesn't allow free thinker that want to talk about subjects they don't list!. and I know that GAG gets calls from political parties who complain if you have something negative to say about a political leader.


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  • What "false" reason was it? Are you underage...? Your comment makes me think so. If that's the case then that's just them going along with the rules.

    • no I'm not underage I'm 20 , that's why I'm shocked, I've never even said my age in a question

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    • I'm sure it was stated, even if it was just anonymously. There's a lot of users on here so them just canceling your account randomly without checking/having a reason doesn't sound right.

    • cause I didn't ? if I had said something like I would probably not be here complaining

  • yes! I had mine cancelled for having an 2nd account. I came to log in and the completely shut down that email. so many people on this site have extra accounts. needless to say I sent them an email :)

  • Nopebut they were about to

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