So what exactly is the criteria for getting a post removed?

I find it interesting...a few of my posts have been removed because of being irrelevant or whatever, although I didn't perceive them as being irrelevant. However, when people reply to my questions with offensive and irrelevant answers and I happen to report them, the answers are never removed. Why is this?


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  • The exact criteria isn't exactly clear, other than those which violate the community guidelines and terms of service.

    As of late, they've been removing many questions about politics, religion, race and gender, simply because those posts tend to attract ignorance and immaturity and people just attack others and degrade them.

    Offensive is also really subjective. People on here are sensitive and things which aren't remotely degrading, name calling or derogatory are deemed as offensive, so of course they won't remove posts just because a person doesn't like what the post says.

    Also, they've been removing many of the breast size questions, labia and penis questions because (1) they're asked repeatedly by the same individuals and (2) they are ridiculously repetitive.

    And if you're asking about users or appearance, yeah, this is a private site and they have to take extra steps to prevent any form of "cyber bullying" especially with bullying coming to light within the past 2 years or so.

    Oh yeah, favoritism is claimed but it can't be proven(proved?) really

    • Well what about when you ask a question and then someone blatantly responds with their opinion about something somewhat related, but not answering the questions asked...

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    • very good answer, there some immature idiots on this site. that's why I don't like the anon thing. I have also found I have talking to people very young about things that I wouldn't talk about, because of their age. they have lied about their age. they have caught themselves out. its was too late for me, because only at the last minute she said she was 12. but she put the age category over 18. the stupid question or the same question are young teens.

    • Yeah, that's quite unfortunate :/