What are the ins & outs in becoming a super moderator?

So far I only know this is for those who post a lot on GAG, the SMs have quotas or duties, which must mean they get compensation of sorts?


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  • There's no real ins or outs to it. There's certainly no compensation, unless you're the sort who gets a thrill out of smacking down trolls. I don't, but apparently some people do.

    When you're a supermod, you are given a list full of guidelines, and that's basically it. You follow the guidelines.

    You're also held to a slightly higher standard than the regular users. Snarky unhelpful answers are really not allowed as you bring the website into disrepute. So if you're the sort of person who prefers to verbally d***smack someone who's being silly, then being a supermod is not for you.

    It helps if you can be online a lot. (I have a smart phone which means any time I have 5 minutes to kill, I can pop online and see what's going on) And the basic duties are to help the other users, uphold the guidelines, and delete whatever should be deleted.

    Anything you delete as a supermod, is not "deleted" per se, it's just sort of hidden. And Admin reviews all deletions, so if they disagree with a deletion, they can restore it. Mistakes can be made. Hell, I've had some legitimate answers of my own deleted (when I appealed, Admin said "Whoops. Our bad, you can post that again" and that was that.).

    So, mistakes can be made, but really there's nothing sinister about the deletions. There's no rogue mods running wild. Guidelines do exist, and there's no nazis.

    • Thank you! I gave you an up arrow for this. So how does one apply for SM? There's no compensation at all ... not even points? What about the required quotas? I'm thinking this is like being a volunteer for a public broadcasting station ... ? In closing, thank you for your gratis efforts in making this site better.

    • Use the Contact Us page and apply.

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