Does it say something about a male GAG user if he constantly adds a ton of girls?

Now, this may not mean anything, but idk. I've deleted people on my friend's list because they have hardly if any activity other than adding a bunch of girls. That creeps me out. Then on top of that, throughout the entire conversation, they'll be trying to flirt non-stop or engage in cyber sex. So I was just wondering do you think it could mean anything? It may not, but I don't know it's a little strange. Don't get me wrong, I'll add a user if I think he's cute, but I have a pretty even mix of males and females on my friend's list.

Now, if anyone wants to say "Well what about when a girl adds a bunch of guys?" It's different. Simply because guys tend to be more perverted, weird, and have creepy intentions more often then girls especially on the internet. Yes, you'll get your occasional girls who are creepy and weird with guys. But for the most part, it's guys who are the creepy ones.

Maybe I'm just over thinking here. Your opinion?


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  • If a guy adds a lot of females, he probably is a flirt, or likes the girls.

    I have a lot of female friends on my friends list, didn't mean I went out and added them, 75 percent of them added me. Doesn't mean I'm a creep, I could be, but you don't know.

    Girls aren't normally as perverted and straight forward about their sexual side like men , but some are, I had a girl randomly asked to suck my ..."gardening tool" because I look "Delicious". People will be people, over a computer or in real life, you can't truly know who is who behind closed doors.


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  • that's sounds strange just adding girls but no activity. I have 3 female friends that's it, they added me. but when anyone adds me, I don't really care female or not, I am not looking for anything from them. I don't really see the point of the friends thing anyway. never talk to them. but I think the same as Facebook. the only two girls I need in my life is my girlfriend and my mum.

    he probably just adding female friends just to boost his own male ego.

    • Aww that's sweet what you said about the only two girls you need in your life.

    • ok thanks, I am not saying either I don't want other female friends. it just doesn't bother me if I don't or do. its just not important to me. I just know that my friends like to have a lot of female friends. lot of the time I just say what I think. sometimes not good thing.

  • If he doesn't really answer questions or contribute to the site and just adds a bunch of chicks..probably not a good sign lol. but then again, I think guys are also less likely to add other guys as friends in general.

  • No...I don't think it necessarily means anything at all..out of over 450 friends, only about 20 of mine are males...and I have added more of them then they have added me and some quit or got kicked off...I hang with females a lot so I enjoy their company & friendship...I do more flirting on answers and comments then I do by messaging or chatting...some people have a more sinister definition of flirting than I do...and Ihave never cybered or sent or received pics...(:

    • how long have you been a member here?

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    • not gross..or weird..and what a strange reason for not adding someone...!

    • lolol

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  • Yeah. Those are pretty much the only friend requests I get. Go to their page and it's all pink user name pink user name pink user name pink user name. I take one look at that and my very first thought is, "that bastard is gonna ask whether or not I shave my pubic hair, I just know it."

    I rarely use the private chat feature anyway so I don't care too much.

    • A lot more pink on my friend list...but I am not that way...and anyway you already answered that question..and I APPROVE! (:(:(:

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    • Yeah but you actively answer questions, I see you around the site on people's questions all the time. You're obviously interested in more than just harassing the ladies lol

    • Well actually just brought up a very good point...whenever I see a person of either gender on here who has no Questions and no answers...then I think we know that they are only here to socialize...(:

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