New Guysaskgirls members? What do you think of the site?

I've been here for close to three years.

I've noticed GAG can is about popularity. I know a large amount of the users but probably none know me. Out of the 247 questions I've ask probably like 5 of them were non-anonymous and of the 340 answers like 8 of those were non-anonymous. So I'm fairly active on the site.

I more I am on here I notice people clique up.

For example if user X ask a question (whose fairly known) then that user gets a lot of answer. (so it becomes a popularity contest)

I could name about 10 users that soon as they ask a question people basically "race" to answer it. This same users probably never have an low count answer

New users what type of vibe you feel?


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  • im not very new here but I agree about the popularity part. even when its like the dumbest question, they still get tons of answers...


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  • I don't pay attention to the popularity thing, I'm not here for that. But I do see what you mean. I think most people who post a question non anonymously with a picture get a lot more responses though regardless of who they are.

    • especially if its a "cute" girl

    • lol which cute girl do you have an issue with? =P

    • none I just hear other guys talking about it and girls complain about being pestered with guys.

  • i like it and free stuff yay!

    • whats some of the free stuff you've gotten? It still too hard for me lol I'm not willing to commit that much time a day

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  • There is this think call "Live Feed" where you can see what people on your friends list post. When you find that person funny, entertaining, insightful, etc. you may want to read what they had to say. While your there you may want to chime in with your own opinion... Why make it into more then it is. It's not a competition of popularity or clicks. =S Some people just related to each other and like to read what each have to say...

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    • No, not really. Most of the crap in the live feed are answers to other peoples questions from people in my friends list. So I look at the questions they have answered and I may or may not answer those questions dependent on the question itself. Then I will read the first few questions in each category to see if I want to answer those whoever may have posted them. If I see one or two questions from friends I will likely answer them, but most of the time those are just nonsense questions meant..

    • to joke around on.

  • you do realize it was intended to be a community forum too don't you I mean the actual description says take part in the community like come on people make friends what do you want them to do everyone ignore each other and only answer the most dour of questions my god man

    There used to be a sort of psuedo-stardom thing, but that was short lived and a long time ago, and no longer exists; and even in that, there was never cliques. There were people who asked 'fun' questions, and people who answered 'fun' questions. Friends talked publicly as friends talk publicly, a lot of people got hot for it. Some people thought 'fun' questions were stupid, and didn't partake in the festivity; they voiced their opinion.


    [Rolls eyes]

    • so much I have to say but don't feel like typing so yeah... thanks for your answer :)

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    • You are mad? k bye

    • nyuk nyuk nyuk

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