Why do girls on here seem more favored then boys?!

I notice more often then not, that girls seem favored on here

and I'm just curious why?

I'll give an example, see a girl could ask a question like" I'm a

good girl, but the guy I like say's I'm boring. What should I do?"

Then if you were to read the answers they be like this " Oh! Girl,

that guy is loser and user! He's no good, you don't need him. If

can't accept you for you, then he doesn't desereve you!"

Then a guy could ask that same question only his would read"I'm

a good guy, but the girl I like say's I'm boring. What should I do? "

And then if you read the answers to his question, they would

like this " Well, if she say's that you're boring, then you probably

are. And you should find hobbies and things to talk about that

she find's interesting and exciting. I mean nobody wants to date

a guy that's dull as mud!"

Do you see the difference, in those two examples? Thus, why I'm

so very perplexed, I mean what's with the gender favortism? I mean we're all human and we all have feeling, shouldn't we be

treated the same?

I mean I get that girls are: Feninine, emotional and chalked full of

estrogen. And guys are: Masculine, strong and chalked full of

testesterone, but guys deserve to be defended and reasurred just

as much as girls do! Just because, guys aren't has open with their

feelings and emotions. Doesn't mean that they shouldn't be taken

into consideration!

I mean if a woman doesn't have to change herself for a man and

should always just be herself, then a man shouldn't have to change

himself, for a woman and should always just be himself. If woman

gets to hold out for a guy the will love unconditionally, accept her

for her and think she is beautiful inside out and totally amazing.

Then, a guy should get to hold out for a girl that will love him

unconditionally, accept him for him and thinks he's beautiful

inside out and totally amazing! Of course there's more to relationshps, then just that. I mean you have to be compatible,

be equals you know compromise and so on and so fourth, but

you get my drift.

So does anyone agree or disgree with me, on what I said? I

welcome all opinions, but please be respectfully, okay? Thank you

in advance for all comments! : )


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  • if a guy is complaining about emotional problems in society

    he is taught to suck it up and stop being so needy

    but it is expected in society that you are supposed to help girls and be a nice guy etc..

    i agree with what you said happens

    but its better off the way it is because no1 wants to hear a grown man complain about why don't women like me, especially when we have tons of post that he can search for already (actually I don't care about those types of questions anyways and I usually ignore it)

    also I'm sure most girls will not be attracted to guys like those since they want someone whos confident

    • Stop caring if girls like you are not. Who cares?

      There's all kind of a girls out there, that will accept you for who you are.

      And if not, there's plenty of boys out there that definitely will. ;)


      Who cares if girls like you or not?

      A better question is: "Do you like yourself?"


      Be the best weirdo you can be, and find other weirdos that get you.

      Then tell everyone else to f**k off.

      That's my advice, anyway.

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  • It's the general culture thing, the man has to initiate something, always.

    In 90% of the cases, this happens too, sometimes, a girl also initiates too, that's just a wonderful characteristic of the girl then, but as a guy you can' t expect it.

    So it's kinda logical these answers are given this way.

  • Because life isn't fair, and giving people advice based on the assumption that it is fair will just mess them up.

    Men and women want different things in a partner, so girls and guys complaining they are single need marginally different advice. To be honest, most of the same things apply, but with much different prioritization.

  • I don't know, maybe because gitls are small

    and cute, and if you hurt them in any way, they'll break apart. <3

    guys can take it ^-^

    now I'm going to be pretty bold, and say:

    most guys think like this, even if they won't admit it. (!)

  • Well this isn't exactly restricted to GAG. Women seem to just be told what they want to hear when they screw up a chance with a guy (instead of actual, helpful constructive criticism) more often than when guys screw up a chance with a girl. It seems that for women (and, admittedly, I could be very wrong here) it's more important to be "supportive" as a friend than actually helpful.

  • because girls are pretty and guys are creepy. FACT!


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