Type of allowed questions on GAG

Are medical questions not allowed on gag?

I recently posted a question about fluids discharging from popped cyst from YouTube. Furthermore, there was a stem-liked thing that came out of the patient so I asked if anyone knew what it was and my question got deleted.

It said

"Removed: Your entry has been removed because it was either irrelevant, didn't contain enough details or was considered trolling. Please post relevant and appropriate content (and no trolling) to keep GirlsAskGuys both fun and helpful to our visitors. Please be more considerate with your future posts. Thank you for your understanding."

Are medical questions not allowed?


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  • Idk...seems like they sort of aren't.


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  • What dod you say in the question? If it was a legitimate medical concern, it should be allowed, there's a f***ing HEALTH question, but the moderators can be a little gung-ho at what they report and the admins spend little time investigating. If it was of the 'Whats happening in this video' variety, it'd probably be considered irrelevant.

    I ask a lot of bullsh*t, but I always add like, an anecdote. LOLOL. And for some reason, that makes it relevant.

    • irrelevant to who? It may have been irrelevant to person x but it was relevant to me. Plus there PLENTY of undeleted irrelevant questions on GAG

      Ex:(GAG what you do this weekend, What's your favorite color, etc)

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    • wow.. I was just asking

      "color to personality"

      That's a stretch

      I could easily deem things 'personality' as my question was medical infatuation which is personality

      Nevertheless, thanks for your attempted help

    • LOL, and I was just answering! What do you mean?

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