Do you feel bad for asking questions about your partner or someone you like on here?

I've asked so many questions about my partner on here and I feel really bad lol,I feel like I'm going behind his back,posting information about him online and asking advice on it.And I never go on this site when I'm with him.Does anyone else feel bad?Or worry that they'll come across this site and see a question that you have asked?


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  • It's anonymous; you're just trying to get answers for your partner's actions. The only negative factor is that it demonstrates the lack of comunication between you and your partner. However, it does show that you really do care about your partner. If you didn't, you wouldn't bother to try to figure or find a solution to the problem.

  • No, I do not feel bad one bit. Without this site I would not have the girlfriend that I have currently. I came to this site before I started dating her, while I was dating her, and since I have asked her out as well. This site does wonders for me and even if it does show there is a break in communication between me and my girlfriend, I have been a stronger person from the opinions I have read here.

    • Same it has done wonders for me too,it has really helped me a lot.I just partly feel bad for posting questions about my boyfriend lol.

    • I don't feel bad. This is anonymous and like I said, I more then likely would not have followed through with ever asking my girlfriend out if not for GAG's advice

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