Whoa! GAG removed the Featured Question option :O

I was looking for things that had changed since I left GAG... and I just found one :O. That was a good feature they had... so many questions went otherwise unanswered, and now they'll stay that way haha. Shame. It didn't do much harm either.

GAG admins, why'd you take it away? :'(

@wunderlust @melissa @whoeverelseusedtobeadmin

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  • I haven't been here long enough to know what that is
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Lol my bad guys! I just checked the contact page and you can indeed still feature a question for 1000 points.

Hmm... I had thousands of unredeemed Xper points on my previous account... I wonder if I can use those to feature a question on this account :P


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  • You can still use it I cost 1000 xper.

    • Oh true! My bad! I just checked the contact page and you're right.

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    • I guess... but really I was on here for only about a year. But I went on here a LOT in that year. I stopped in like October 2011 or something.

    • I understand

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  • It is still an option to redeem points to feature your question. Points are not transferable, sorry. Thanks!

  • Ah, I just notice that. That's horrible, I thought that was one of the best things on here. It gives new people incentive to give advice so they can earn points to feature their questions. Not cool.

  • Not sure, maybe theyre updating again? That was the reason why meebo was missing a few weeks back. It still available to use as a redeem for xper so it doesn't seem totally missing?


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