Why do people just log off without saying later?

So I've been chatting with some peeps on here, and some just log off without saying later or anything. I understand if like you have to go because you weren't supposed to be on here. (i.e. Work, supposed to be studying, ect.) But some sign off for the night and then the next day apologize for just getting off...


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  • i hate it when they do that! it bothers me too

    • I can't quite say it bothers me, but at the same time, I was raised to end a convo by saying later, or goodbye...

    • yeah, I was raised the same way

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  • if I'm rushing I will say bye quick them sign off otherwise ill let people know. I think people should say something even if its quick :)

  • I usually do that too, but its not like I do it on purpose. Sometimes I forget I was talking to someone...

  • My life does not revolve around the computer.

    If I leave without saying bye chances are I got something to do more important and have no time to say bye. Mind you, some people take forever to say bye.

    Nothing should be taken too personal when and if that happens.

    • Aye, mine doesn't revovle around the computer either. But I still try to make it a point to say later or something.

    • Internet could be lagging.. And logs the person off..

      Meebo logs me off randomly at times. Shit happens.

    • Oh yeah, it does that to me too. I actually hate Meebo because of all the problems I've had with them, and this site. I've even tried it on my Android, but it won't pull up my friends list from this site...

  • because this is an answer and question website not a chatting website...meebo is just an addiional feature but most users don't care about it, were must more interested in the questions and getting some of ours answered too. I do this all the time I log in and log off or press X on the window and boom I'm signed off, then ill come back an hr later and I'm interested in new questions to answer. I don't even have the meebo bar thing on the bottom shown I click hide.

    honestly...u shouldn't take it too seriously were all just strangers on the web here to give and receive advice on QUESTIONS, not real life friends to chat with.

    • Oh well. Can't say I care too much. This is one of those questions to make others possibly think about it. But good for you on clicking X and so on. Guess my friends like to chat more than you do.

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    • Not really. I'm used to it. I ask questions, and I really don't expect responses. Some of them are to make others think, and some are because I want to know an answer.

    • lol

  • Yeah, but so what? People have their reasons, it's not worth getting hurt or offended over.

    I used to hate it when people did it to me too, but one day I was just like, f*** it, I don't care. If they don't say anything to me in a certain amount of time, I'm going to continue with my day or night as if nothing happened, instead of sitting there feeling sorry for myself because he or she didn't respond.

    Now I find myself not saying 'g2g' or 'brb' when I'm just overwhelmed on my own computer because I keep getting a bunch of IM's from people wanting my attention, but I can't talk to them ALL at once, then I get irritated when people IM me later saying "Mehhh, why didn't you respond to me?" because it makes me feel like they want to be the center of my attention, they aren't even considering the fact that it's not a personal thing at all, and they need to quit worrying about it, because I do it to anyone I talk to, not JUST them. True, I'm more likely to let my best friends, the ones that I've known for years, know when I get off the computer, but I'm less likely to prioritize a stranger over my family or friends.

    But like I said, it used to bother me too, but I got the hell over it. I just felt like I was being a big baby about it, I feel embarrassed when I look back at how I used to complain to people for not saying 'brb' because I know it wasn't a personal thing, and that I have NO place to say sh*t about it until I've walked a mile in their shoes. It's just the internet, don't fret over it.

    • Wow. Calm down some. From where I come from, it's just polite to say later. I can understand waiting for long responces and what not. I'm not butt hurt that they don't say later, or goodbye, but at the same time, I try to make it a point to say I'm leaving when I'm done.

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    • Oh, I see. I apologize if I came off as rude to you, lol. =P

      In that case, then I still stick by my perspective on it. It's really no biggie when it happens to me, I'm so used to it. How you choose to deal with it is your own, but there's lots of differentiatiing views on it. In real life, people certainly don't turn around and leave in the middle of a conversation, unless they're being rude, but on the net, IM's get treated a lot like e-mailing --"I'll get back to it later"

    • Aye, that's true. They do.

  • So many reasons, don't take it personally, there isn't much of a need to be polite on the net these days.


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  • If I do that it's because I didn't want to talk to you in the first place. Not that I do it often.

    • +1 Some times this is true,He/she just doesn't want to talk to you.

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    • well, OK, I usually get on here on my iPad (the chat doesn't work on its browser), so when I am on my computer, I often forget that it logs into the chat thing automatically, and there's like one girl in particular that always wants to talk, but she's usually sad, so I feel like saying "I don't want to talk" would be worse than just disappearing. Maybe my internet dropped out or something? Right?

    • That's true.

  • Don't worry about it. People can multi-task and forget, fall asleep-it can be anything and everything.