What are some soft ware solutions to block advertising on this site?

I understand the need for the site to get ad revenue. but when the adds become intrusive and waste my time I will look for a solution. Or the site can keep the ads on the margins and out of our way. thanks. and you can message if you want to share it off line.

thanks everyone. for anyone with this problem. Mozilla Firefox, ad on adblocker plus, disable the default feature. and Voila, no more ads. no points to trade in, no need to be a level 10 master of the universe. please feel free to pass this around to the users that, like me had not figured it out yet. again. Terima Kasih.


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  • hurry up and get to level 10. then they go away! hehe

    other than that use Mozilla as your browser and install some ad blockers.

    Hope this helps :)

    • omg are you serious? I was like 100 points from level 10 then I got rid of my profile lol

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    • hey justme, we all need to check with Deft before doing anything drastic. she can keep us all out of a lot of trouble. or in a good way get us into it.

    • @QA no my dear you just need more time on your hand that's all. But you probably already knew that :))

      @ justme 20 really now? why did you do that? and what was your user name?

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  • You have a couple of options:

    You can redeem 1000 points, and we will disable the ads for 30 days!

    Also, once you get to level 10, you will no longer see advertisements.


  • you can use your points to get rid of ads for one month. gag already knows they are intrusive and people hate them. other than that I'm not sure

    • thanks. I hope just the question being up here will get someone to pay attention. I had to shut out a lexus ad just to get back to the question. I still hope an IT hot shot can save us all.

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  • If you use Firefox or Chrome, you can download an extension called AdBlock Plus.

    It'll remove every ad on the site, as well as most ads elsewhere.