Do you thank the answerers on this site by answering their old questions?

I like to read the profiles of people whom I think have high moral standards ,wise or who answer my questions so well.When I am feeling bored,I would read through all their old questions and answers so that I can gain more wisdom from them.This is the main reason I am here, that is to gain wisdom and be a better person. I am not here for dating or flirting.

And if I come across any questions which are interesting,I might answer them to thank these answerers for helping me with my questions.

Since I most probably would never become friends with them in real life,this is one way which I think I could do to show my gratitude. I think we should never take for granted when strangers take their time to compose such great answers for us.What are your views on this?Thanks for sharing.


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  • Wow, much respect and appreciate to you because you're really a decent, thoughtful person to say and do all that haha. I don't go back and answer their questions that much, I just make an effort to answer questions of people that really need help. I always tell people to add me as a friend and/or to message me I they need further help about anything and many people have.


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  • sometimes yes, I'm here to get and share my

    point of view and if possible, help people with any problems

    they might have

    so if I come across any interesting

    questions, or a question where I feel the

    need to share my knowledge, then I'll answer accordingly

    there are quite a bit of people with private profiles though ^-^

  • It's really no different than life. Those of us humble enough to acknowledge that another human being is behind that username are the ones who care enough to socialize like normal people.

  • I almost always do. I try my best to be as courteous as I would in real life to people.


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  • I think it's a good idea that I'm gonna start :)

    • Had a bullet in my copy and paste and thought you might like this song. link

  • Wisdom here in gag? lol

    You want to gain wisdom here or learn how to troll? lol

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