Is there a way to offer suggestions to the GAG programmers?

If putting suggestions here is an appropriate medium, here's what I got:

1) a way to "bump" questions to the top of the list after 24 hours of inactivity.

2) A 'merge questions' request for multiple questions that are the same. This would carry all answers over to the original question, and delete all later copies.

3) blocked users' questions should not show up at all, including when you are being blocked by the question asker.

4) Possibly separate the "style" category into "fashion" and "lifestyle" categories.

5) notifications when someone has commented in an answer we have also commented on.

6) more options for poll questions?

For 6, I was referring to the number of options allowed for polls. Right now it is 5, but I can think of a small handfull of polls that could require more.


7) notifications for people if a week goes by and they have not selected a best answer? (this would also be a good time to allow them to 'bump' their question to the top of the list.)
a decent argument against #5 was that it would lead to excessive notifications. I only wanted to point out a possible fix for that, and that is that we would only get notifications for comments if it is to an answer that is not our own.


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  • Kudos for these, specifically number 2, as my question you had just answered about the 2nd re-post has been removed... thanks for the reply before and for your #1- I was thinking similar like maybe more options to filter by most recent activity (possibly where updates by question asker could be deemed activity)



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  • Thanks for the feedback!

    1 - The tab "Unanswered" questions are these questions.

    2 - We already do this. :) However, if you see a duplicate question, feel free to report it as such!

    3 - Great suggestion, we will note it!

    4 - Thanks for the input - given that the center of our activity revolves around dating and relationships, we don't have a whole lot of questions regarding fashion and lifestyle, which is why we haven't done this yet.

    5 - Good suggestion, although this could lead to a LOT of notifications, which could be annoying to you. ;)

    6 - Let us know if you have option suggestions by contacting us.

    Please contact us in the future for suggestions/feedback/input:



    • Thank you for your response. The "unanswered" tab doesn't fully address the intent of the first suggestion. It would take a lot of searching through the questions of inactive users for someone to finally find an old unanswered question of mine (an active user), for example. That's a lot to expect out of people. Whereas, if I could just 'bump' it like it were new, problem (potentially) solved. Of course, if a best answer is chosen, a thread should no longer be bumpable..

    • You could "Feature" your unanswered by cashing in 1000 points as well, which will bump it up.

    • I agree about the blocked answers. I really think it is imperative that when someone blocks you, they are not allowed to comment on your answer. If I block someone, I have no reason to talk to them EXCEPT to troll them. Meanwhile, if it's your own question, you should be able to respond no matter what, regardless of blocking. These functions have no purpose except trolling.

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  • 1) They would rather you spend Xper points, if you want your question bumped to the top.

    2) They have this ability already, as I've seen them do it on occassion.

    For the others, you can use the CONTACT US page, and make your suggestions that way.

    However, I wouldn't hold my breath on it. The changes that have happened on the site recently, didn't appear to come from any user input, and I don't think they have too many developers working on the site code.

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