How do you think the girls of GAG differ from girls in every day life?

So we're always bombarded with how the guys on here are so different from guys in real life so I've been wondering about the opposite: how do you think the opinions/actions of girls on here differ from those in real life?

One thing I've noticed is that women on here seem OBSESSED with dating much older guys. I swear every chick and her mom on here has seriously dated someone who's like 15-20 years older than her or wants to. I honestly don't actually know that many women who want guys who are much more than 5 years older than them and a lot want guys around their age.

Any other things people have noticed?


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  • I think a lot of girls on here are full of it. I think they get a real kick out of the ego boosts some of the more unfortunate guys on this site tend to provide.

    For instance, the other day I saw a question about rating your confidence naked...and most of the girls rated themselves near 10/10! lol I was like seriously? Listen, I've been working in women's clothing retail for years. Almost every woman I see in the fitting rooms is horribly insecure whether she's a size 0 or a size 16. I'm not saying that it's not a good thing if people really are that confident...I'm just saying it doesn't match up with 95% of the women I've known in my life. I could name maybe a couple girls I've known in my entire life that were totally comfortable being in the nude anywhere and one was a hippie and the other was morbidly obese. It's rare, but on GAG apparently every girl is oozing confidence. lol

    I think girls on this site have a superiority complex with regard to a lot of the guys on here and frankly they need to get over it. If you're having to check this site for advice then you're no better or wiser than the next person.

    Just my two cents! Good question!

    • PMSL ! I never expected to see an answer like this one^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..For FUNNY!

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  • they seem more naive and sheltered and awkwarder

  • I think a lot of the women on here are judgmental, particularly when it comes to other women. It is interesting that you mention the thing about dating older guys. I've noticed the opposite, it seems to me most women on here turn up there noses at dating for example a guy 10 years older. Interesting question.

    • Girls are always more catty and judgmental of one another, because they get jealous and because they can identify with the situation. They can say, "Well, I've been in a similar situation, and I acted MUCH better," when in reality, no two situations are alike.

      Other girls also help point out your own flaws, and you hate them for that. When they are whiny and dramatic, you remember how you hate to be whiny and dramatic, and so you're harsher with them like you would be with yourself.

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  • In real life I can tell them to "shut up"..or more often...just walk away...if I walk away on here...then I am not online...Seems to me like there is a variant cross section of personalities and interests on here..not a lot of older females however...don't want to sell the young females of the world short though...I have met some really awesome young females on here..oh..and for the record "awesome" does not mean some kind of sexting or something..o.O

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