Does anyone else just die a little bit on the inside when you read questions on here?

I'm something of a student of social interaction, and I signed up on here to try and get a different point of view, even learn a few things about male and female interaction, I still am interested actually.

But damn, some of these people are just plain stupid. This isn't a troll topic either, you are REALLY dumb. Like, do you know how many questions I come across regarding guys who were used by girls, and girls who were played by guys? Too many.

This is no skin off my back so I shouldn't care, but let me give you a bit of life advice. You will encounter users everyday, not just for sex or for your money, but for everything. If you are this old by now and haven't learned how to gauge a person's integrity, you are in some deep sh*t.

That person who played you may be an awful person, but you are just as much an idiot for letting them into your life. No one but a gun to your head to let them into your life, it was your decision.

If I owned a white unmarked van, and asked you to get inside of it with promises of candy and funny stories, and you, as an adult, took me up on that offer, are you at part to blame? Yes you are. Same context. Live it, learn it.

God, does anyone else feel this way? I used to think people were smart.


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  • I don't think anyone has the right to judge another person. You don't know the entire situation and just because you've been in a similar position does not mean all of a sudden you know everything. It annoys me much more to meet people who think they know it all and have everything figured out like you seem to think you have about users. You don't have the right to call anyone a idiot either. That's just plain rude. I understand what you are trying to say but just be careful, cause it's really not as easy as you make it sound. Life situations and circumstances are vastly different. Not all people will see it the way you do. Not all people can be as "smart" as you when it comes to love. It's a thing called respect and tolerances and not being arrogant which is another skill some humans seem to lack. Not having tolerance and arrogance is a sign of a low EQ which is just as important to a certain extent as your IQ so matter how smart a individual may think they are, if you're EQ is't so bright then unfortunately you're not as smart as you thought you were. Just saying. I'm sorry if I come across as angry but this is kinda a issue that bugs me of some people I meet in real life as well. They think they know it all and can call other people idiots for not seeing things like they do. That's way more annoying to me than some people asking for legit advice on a Q and A website. It's not that those people aren't smart. They're human and you shouldn't judge.

    • Couple of points.

      1 - Don't apologize for your points, if you have something to say and if you find truth in it, say it openly.

      2 - Secondly, there's some truth to what you say, some. I'm not angry either. I may sound arrogant and judgmental, but the truth is, the person I judge and asses most harshly is myself, I don't shut out opinions and facts just cause it doesn't agree with me.

      3 - Everyone judges people, so do you. I can promise you. It's a necessary skill to be able to survive.

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    • Hm, I may be able to use this as some self improvement. Perhaps I'm too harsh on other people simply because I'm harsh on myself, and it trickles down to me thinking other people should be able to handle it as well. This is good insight. Thank you.

      However, also keep in mind that despite how ugly this topic sounds, I AM trying to help these people. I may be jaded, but I'm still deep down an optimist. I make it a point to make people aware of situations they dug themselves into.

    • Some people need a slap in the face to wake them up, especially when it comes to people who shift the blame only to the person that wronged them, this post is mainly geared toward people who don't take responsibility for their choices and their actions and the people they let into their lives like adults should.

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  • Kam, you're 26 so you have a little bit of experience. There are a lot of 16 to 20 year olds on here who think they're universe will fall apart any minute now. It hasn't been that long for you has it?

    Heck, I know grown folks who are still making stupid mistakes. '

    Give 'em some slack and help em matter how much it makes you want to pull your hair. Lol!

    • Believe it or not, this question in itself is an attempt to try and help these people. I may be jaded, but deep down I'm still an optimist. I just, er, hand out my advice a little more direct than I used to.

    • I know what you mean. Sometimes I wonder if the questions are for real. And yeah, a couple of them do need a "Face reality" bitch slap. So go ahead and hand 'em out. You're bound to help somebody out.

  • No but some questions are really annoying. That's why I started to ask questions that weren't problem related and now stay away from my once favorite section, behavior .

    I didn't really think people were smart, I see all this as being naive. I really wish guys knew when they were being played... from the beginning. That's something that's hard for me accept. My head says WHY CAN'T YOU SEE IT? :( Guys seem so content with being taken for the ride since they're so oblivious. I have to say, its RARE for a guy to catch a girl out when she's being sneaky. I haven't seen guys catch them out yet. :(

    • "I really wish guys knew when they were being played"

      You and me both sister.

      I don't have a problem with people asking questions, I love it when people genuinely try to learn complicated or even simple things, my problem mainly lies in when they try and shift blame for being played or being used and don't take responsibility for their choices. It's bad when they don't see obvious signs, but it's WORSE when they pretend like it's not partially their fault.

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    • Welcome to the club. People constantly call me arrogant when I talk like this, but the truth is I just know my place. There are some subjects that I have knowledge in, and some I'm dumb as sh*t in. This isn't one of them.

    • You arrogant, me judgemental. If it helps, I don't see you as arrogant haha..

      It's refreshing to hear, "... I just know my place."

  • It's a rare human who hasn't been fooled in romance. We're designed to breed ... it takes a lot to peel back emotions and drive to date by sheer logic alone.


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  • 90% of what I see on here is mind numbingly retarded. "A guy asked me out, what does that mean?" Shit like that all the time.

    • Ain't it nice though when you actually find an intelligent question? It's like this breath of fresh air. Is for me anyway.

  • Ugh, kind of. I've been here for 3+ years and it's gotten beyond old at times to the point I rarely use the site anymore.

  • Because there just average people on here. People who are good at manipulation will get almost anybody does'nt matter how much life experience.

  • I laugh at how dumb they are and move on, no need to die a little inside.

    • I think it's just the optimist in me that won't die unfortunately, it's like this terrible gnawing worm.