Do you have or ever had a crush on a GAG member? Let's share it

Anonymously of course ;)

1.Is it a mutual crush?

2.Who added who?

3.Have you seen this person in photos, Skype in person?

4.Why do you have a crush on him/her?

5.Have you thought about him/her sexually?

6. Do you have the same nationality?

7. What else could you add about this crush to the rest of us?

  • Yes I have or had a crush on a gag member
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  • No I don't have or ever had a crush on a gag member
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i might be the only one then :(

and it's not mutual
stupid for having a crush on a guy I've never saw and doesn't care about me...well I am a crush collector anyway :p


Most Helpful Girl

  • well, its not really a crush. its more like I think he seems like a really awesome guy. more like an admiration. he seems a lot like me, from what I've seen in his questions. and he's really cute. I've talked to him on the my questions he has answered and his questions I've answered but that's it.

    1. I doubt he likes me.

    2. I don't have him as a friend. and I don't add people. if they add me I accept but I don't add anyone else because I feel entitled to chat with them, and I don't like to chat. I prefer the message thing. I don't like the idea of internet dating so I don't even want this to become a crush.

    3. he has photos on his profile. he's cute.

    4. I don't have a crush. I don't want this to become a crush because we live in different states and I just don't like the idea of meeting people online. its just too weird. I mean other people can do it, but its too weird for me.

    5. no! I don't think that way!

    6. yes.

    7. I'd rather not say. I don't want anyone to know about this. ha ha :)


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What Guys Said 6

  • Who's your crush on Mis Anonymous, and more importantly does he know?... There are a number of people on here who have met up with other members on this site and dated them. I'm sure you are not alone, though I don't think most of the people on here take the time to really get to know someone well enough, to make it crush worthy.

    • well we know each other a lot I would say, like really personal stuffs, we are friends and I don't think he finds me attractive just see me as a friend, he isn't very popular here like he doesn't answer too many questions and I usually do everything anonymously

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    • In a place like GaG those first few weeks of communication might get stretched out a couple of months though due to people having a weird stigma of people online. But if you talk on a place like GaG, get their number and start talking, maybe Skype a little just to see them pseudo face to face I suppose that initial talking period can be relatively similar, which explains why you might have a crush on the guy.

    • The devil in the details is how do you get someone passed the irrational fear of meeting someone they talk to online, for a date or to hang out and get to know them. That's a chance the two people have to risk. For some it's easy, for others it's totally insane. It all depends on their comfort level I suppose.

  • I'm kind of new here... don't really know anyone that well.

    but yes, I've thought about every girl I've encountered on here sexually, to answer question #5...

    • naughty

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    • not me I have no photos on my gag profile :P

    • yeah, but my imagination rocks. I didn't even think of using p*rn to masturbate to until I was 27.

  • Nope-not at all.

  • Slipslender, she's gone though. Had a crush on her because she's brilliant.

    • I would bet she's still around, just playing hide and go seek. =P

  • No crushes, but I have had slight affinities for certain girls. lol and then I lose it after learning more about them through questions, answers, comments.

  • Nope not the at all.


What Girls Said 4

  • No, because I have a life.

    • so do I lol, that's why I don't have time to meet guys as I work too much, I come here at night and that's when I chat to this guy :P wish I have met him in a conventional way...Don't judge without knowing the facts young lady

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    • Yes? Because using a website make me have no life. Lol okay.

  • No.

  • Yeah, I do have this little innocent crush :)

    1. I can sense it

    2. I added him

    3. Photos

    4. Because I love the way he talks to me and the way he makes me feel, we have a lot in common, he makes me laugh and I make him laugh, even though he is a complete stranger... we just click

    5. I know he has

    6. No

    7. That this kind of feeling I have is weird because it's through GaG.

  • Does it still count if he was a member, and then decided to delete his account?

    1. Yeah, he likes me back

    2. I added him

    3. Yep and yep

    4. He's smart, sporty, makes me laugh and goes along with my craziness.

    5. Yeah, and he has too (about me), haha.

    6. Nope, we live in different countries

    7. Um... I've known him for nearly a year, and we talk everyday for several hours

    • cool :)

      would you mind telling me the countries?

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    • How long have you two been talking? And what does he say in response to 'Wish you were here to give me a massage'?

    • 2 years that we started but almost everyday just like 2 months... no I meant I never said things like wish you were here...i just say he looks hot lol

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