Does anybody else think they have an over abundence of dating ads on here?

I'm just curious. every time I come on here, there's a dating

ad and it's kind of obnoxious! And never realized how many

different countries you could get a date in, and odd ones too!

Like Rio De Janeriro, who would have picked that it seems

so out of the box. I mean I'll be saying the same thing if they

ever say "Find a Hot Date In Kiev or Prague", it's just odd! But,

I'm rambling now, anyway what do you think of theses dating

ad's? And is there any place in the US or Over Seas that you'd

like to promote? Thanks! : )


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  • The site uses contextual advertising, which means that the adverts are automatically targeted to match the content of the page you're on, as well as others that you've visited recently.

    If you hang around in the dating/flirting sections, you'll get a lot of adverts for dating sites. In my case, I just answered a question someone had about opening a golf shop, and now I'm seeing a load of adverts for golf clubs.


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  • get ad blocker, you won't get any ads afterwards

  • I see no ads. Between being a level 10 and having an ad blocker, it's smooth usage for me.

  • i get no ads lol :D


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