My friend cannot access her account

my friend, is unable to access her account.. every time she tries to open her account, it says wrong email id or password...

has her account been compromised?

when she clicks on retrieve password, it says the id is not available... what does that mean,... she does have an account here.

her account was compromised saying it was-- "duplicate"!?!

what the hell it was not...! I know her.. we live together.. how does she report?

and she has had an account since about 2 years..!


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  • On here?

    type in user name(no spaces though)

    If it says she's no longer a user, her account was removed/deleted. If you found out because it was a duplicate, might have been because y'all live together and the IP address was the same. The admins may have thought y'all were point gaming if y'all used to give one another BA quite a bit

    • we never gave BA to each other but we did like each others questions.. wtf man..

      what do I do? m pissed...

      we live in a hostel 2gether. we have a common computer.. and 3 accounts are deleted. we are 4 roommates.. only my account is left.. they are sent message to admins. on gmail and also in 'contact us' but nothing is happnening.. what the hell.. not nice at all..

    • They typically give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to multiple accounts within one household, but I guess when it's more than 2 they assume it's a troll or people are just creating multiple accounts to troll or point game or just cause.

      I'm sorry

      Once they've deleted an account, they've deleted an account

      You can explain the situation to the admins though and hopefully next time they won't mistake y'all having an account as trolling :/

    • oh damn...

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  • she has been hacked

    • she recived a message that her account was duplicate and its deleted.. wtf!

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