How much money does "girlsaskguys" make per month/year (advertising)?

According to they earn $45,252 a year. link Is it true?

Revenue Analysis has the potential to earn $45,252 USD in advertisement revenue per year. If the site was up for sale, it would be worth approximately $81,454 USD.


$124 USD per day

$3,771 USD per month

$45,252 USD per year


$81,454 USD


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  • is owned by GirlsAskGuys, LLC in Missouri who's owner is Jennifer Dakins link If you know anything about taxes, you'll know that when an LLC is owned by only one person the income from that LLC is declared on a 1040 form which is an individual tax return. So, there is no place that Jennifer is required to announce her earnings to the public, like a corporation with shareholders would have to... If you would like to figure out what this site is worth for negotiations, it would be more appropriate to talk to her and look over a p&l statement from her accounting records and look at traffic logs in comparison to the current market value for advertising in the sector. Why are you asking this here as a question? =S

    • We must excuse aMuse for making sense when cents was what was ordered. ; - ) (Well done!)

  • I can't prove, but I'd bet a fat man a donut that they're pulling $50 a day or better!

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