Do you ever go back and read your answers?

Every now and then I'll be in the mood to stalk my recent activity on GAG. Sometimes I amaze myself with the advice I give. It's just so damn good. When I read it I laugh.. I cry... but ultimately, I walk away satisfied knowing it was good advice.

I've also had some grenades I wish I'd of jumped on before posting, though. Oh well, they can't all be gold.

Does anyone else do the same thing?
Yes. I should have a column in the newspaper.
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Yes. It might not always be pretty but it's always legit.
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Yes. What was I thinking when I wrote most of that?
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No. I'm not conceited. I give freely and regret nothing.
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No. I only come here for questions and to read MrEM4N's answers.
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Do you ever go back and read your answers?
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