Is it wrong for me to do this?

I either add people or people add me on here. I get that people are friendly on here and I hate people who aren't so I'll add them if they send me one etc..but if I DO add you, I'm going to try to stay in contact with you via messages, computer or texting (depending on how much you give me). I feel like this is wrong though. That GAG isn't really meant to be for "talking". Then again..if they didn't want people "talking" they wouldn't have a "messages" section, would they?


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  • if people didn't want to be talking, they wouldn't be on this website at all, since it is all about meeting people and having a conversation about relationship problems.


  • Can you rephrase that? lol

    & add me while your at it.. (;

    • Is it wrong that I like to keep in contact with people I add or who add me?

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    • I'm more referring to people I know in person from like school and stuff.

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