Are there any Engineers on GAG?

I've been thinking about mechanical engineering as a major when I go to college... Can any engineers tell me how was your college experience with your major, and how you like (or dislike) your job now and why?


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  • Electrical Engineering. I'm still working on my degree, so far there really isn't anything I dislike about it. The Computer Science was a bit of a pain in the ass, but I got through it. If you enjoy math, you'd REALLY like engineering. Id say you should give Mechanical Engineering a shot.


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  • Computer Engineering.

    It was pretty easy for the most part, just not the math classes I had to take though. Overall, I did enjoy it. I took online classes for it also - That worked out pretty well. Computer Engineering just resembles Electrical Engineering and somewhere between Software Engineering.

    I don't work in the field of it though, it's not what I want. I did have two job offers but did not take up on it. Although, I got to run through it. I got to make a few computer components. That was a blast.

    • Why don't you work in that field?

    • It's not what I truly wanted. I would of ended up hating on what used to be my favorite hobby.

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