Does anyone know what the -1 and the 0 boxes at the bottom right corner are?

I'm just curious...If you know, could you fill me in? Thanks.


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  • Do you mean "+1"? It's an option to give Meebo / GAG money by advertising on your Google account. Similar to the way every company wants you to like them on Facebook.

    • Oh, you're kidding?! lol Of course they do. I should have known...How clumsy of me. lol

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    • "Stack overflow' is an error that occurs when too much memory is used on a call stack. It's most likely a Java problem so just make sure your Java is up-to-date. When clicking "Ok", you're just acknowledging the error. Nothing to worry about :P

    • JAVA up to date, huh? ...How do I do that? lol

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  • -1 means they have deleted their account while 0 represents they have no Xper.

    They can have no Xper by being inactive for too long

    • Who are "they?" It shows up when I do not have anyone on meebo. are "they"...where are "they"...where am I, who am I? lol (Gone With The Wind) lol

    • Don't get the reference to Gone With The Wind but they are users on this site.

    • YOU HAVEN'T SEEN GONE WITH THE WIND? THE MOVIE? Oh, you must, it's a classic. I was quoting a line, a famous line. lol

  • Bottom right corner of what?


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  • I asked about this and my question was deleted

    0 means they have absolutely no points, but their account can still be active. There are inactive counts with 0's and I always assumed those users voluntarily left

    The -1 means the account is no longer active. Before I think it meant the user was banned, but I think to stop confusion all inactive accounts have a -1

    Good question. I asked a while back but it was removed

    • I could be wrong though...take my answer with a grain of salt

    • unless you mean something else! I thought you meant on the accounts...I use Google Chrome with ghostery so everything appears blocked. What y'all see I typically don't lmao