What do you think is your best comeback comment has been on this site?

Well, this is GaG, so someones rude comments have got to seriously grind your gears, right? What was the funniest or best comeback that you have successfully won an argument with? I reading some of my old comments and thought this was kind of stupid, but it made me laugh lol

" By the way whomever made that stupid comment about pms I don't suffer from it like a boss, bitches." Mostly likely there are way better ones, but eh I don't feel like looking :p Anyway, what is yours?


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  • I don't know. Most all of mine get deleted by mods. So I couldn't say, I have seen some very funny ones from other people though but I can't name any off the top of my head.

    • Yes, you had some that made me smile, can't recall which, but you became a must read...

    • some else also mentioned your comments to me lol

    • @Mtsmith well thank you, I try:)

      @QA: what? Lol

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  • You don't win arguments by being funny, but I've post too much nonsense that makes me laugh.

    • sometimes, you can win with craziness (o.O)

    • That's what crazy people think. =P

  • Being that I'm a Troll, I've had way too many I can count. I think my particular one would probably have to be with one of the top ten Gag users most likely.

  • I enjoy showing the liberals this: link

    • lol, nice

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    • "You didn't build that." ROFL

    • LOL I know! That's hands down the most arrogant statement I've ever heard!

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