How do I delete my own questions?

yeah, so I was wondering how I would be able to delete previous questions on here?

Thanks everyone! lol

It's not like it was anything I didn't want up here, it was just a thought. lol


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  • i wanted to do it too - but it can't - especially the questions that I made for jokes :P -- its to bad this site does not have such a simple delete button

    • Deleting your own question would mean that the answers to it would disappear - and the xper points gained along with them, which might be a big deal to some users who care about their xper.

      Just be careful what you post!

    • in other words, (and I am not talking specifically about you IndigoEarth), before you post, think. In other words... don't be a twat.

  • link

    where it says Regarding:

    select Question Removal.

    If your reason is fair enough

    your question will be removed

    within the next two days. If it

    is not removed in the next couple days

    that means your question will not be

    removed. :)


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  • You can't.

    If you really want a question deleted, you can contact an admin and ask them to remove it for you: link

    • yep. Only they have the ability to delete it. You could try asking a SuperMod but even they need to wait for an admin to truly remove it. That link is your best bet.

      Now... give her best answer.

  • Go straight to the admin for that, I went through a supermod and my question is still there so... yep, admin.

  • Can't do it sadly.