Do you miss the chat room?

For those of you who were around in the 2007-2008 era (when GAG was born) they had a chat room where you could go and chat, and ask questions quicker etc..). They got rid of it because of trolling and other reasons but does anyone else besides me, miss it and wish it was brought back?


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  • I wasn't here when they had a chatroom, but I think users are pretty content with the way things are now (so a chatroom isn't necessary). If the chatrooms were like that then more precautions should have been taken to prevent trolling, such as having a chat room moderator in the rooms and having those suspended from chats (for a certain time frame).

    • Well, it shouldn't have been removed if they took proper precautions. But since its something that isn't causing much controversy there really is no need to put it back.

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  • I remember them. I don't miss it. It didn't have a lot of purpose, and any question derailed about as fast as as it was asked, almost never answered. Plus I really think it did more harm than good. Now there's just less to complain about. All those complaints got compounded into one complaint. A question. "Why did you take the chatroom away" and seeing as everyone knew the answer, the question faded fast. I'm amazed the internet even remembers.

    All in all though, no. I don't miss it. It was fun for 15 minutes. Now that time is over, gone, and for the most part, long since forgotten.

  • It was around longer than that. I didn't join until 2010 or so and it was here when I first started. I didn't mind the trolling in it. If you didn't like it, you didn't have to be there. Honestly, I thought it made people less likely to troll on the main site since they could get it out of their systems there. I've always wondered if there were legal reasons for shutting it down.

    I liked it even though I didn't spend much time on it.

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