Has anyone from the UK redeemed an Amazon voucher from this site?

Can you request it for Amazon.co.uk? I read that you can't use US Amazon vouchers on the UK site.


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  • you have to specify which country you want it for. I asked mine to be Canadian, which was a mistake because Amazon Canada sucks. But I'm sure that if you asked for an Amazon UK certificate they'd give you one :)


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  • Yeah I'm from the UK and I get them, when you claim a prize it'll say to state the country you live in

  • OMG, you just reminded me they do that here! I'm about 400 points away from an Amazon card, haha. That, or order TGI Fridays... decision decisions...

    • Haha. Well it seems like a lot in dollars, but when it's converted into sterling, it's nothing...

    • Noo, lol, $10 at a decent (decent place but nothing fancy) restaurant is enough for a small meal and a sweet tea or cola, and $20 US isn't much either. Over here, either everything is getting more expensive or our currency is just reverting back to plain old paper...

    • Haha but it takes so long to get those points, it hardly seems worth spending them.

      I might as well get the Amazon voucher though. I'll buy ONE book of sheet music for my harp... lol

  • Yes I always get uk vouchers. They are 13 pounds sterling.

    • ?13? Do they do it at the exchange rate?

      Thank you for answering.

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    • Lol that's disappointing. All those points for 13...

    • yeah, that's pretty much the exchange rate.

  • Yup, you most certainly can.


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