Has anyone here harassed you by sending you harsh messages?

Recently I received a message from a dude that I never talk to.He said something like "You think you are beautiful enough?" I don't want to be with you ugly bitch.The weird thing is since when I said I want him? Its funny when he said "he didn't want me"

I don't have idea why would someone said that to people they don't even recognize.Just curious if anyone been harassed by other users here.


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  • Harassment has been a huge issue on GAG for girls (and some guys, granted). It's why they changed the messaging system so that only messages could be sent/received by friends. If you got a harassing message from this guy, then you must have friended him, or accepted his friend request.

    So the first thing you do, is block him.

    Then forward the message to the Administrators. They have access to every users messages and they can verify that it was a real message and not just your attempt to get someone in trouble.

    And then they can take the appropriate action.


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  • Nope, never happened to me.

    The only "harassment" on here to me are angry replies to my answers, which not everyone likes.

  • Lots of cool people on here...please don't let a few a$$holes ruin it for you...(:(:(:


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