How often do you answer or ask a question?

Hi I was wondering, when asking certain types of questions in time to time, do you get tired of asking or answering a certain question? then do you move on to fun topics or wait until something pops in your head an ask? I been noticing after the questions I asked my brain runs out of questions after about 18. Now I am stuck with no questions to ask. So do you move on to other topics or wait?


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  • I ask a question when something is nagging at me. It's my outlet, I guess. Apparently I've asked almost 150 questions and answered 905.

    As for when I answer, it is when I'm bored. If nothing is going on in my little world, I'll come on here and search for a question and answer.

    I probably answering a few questions a day, kills a bit of time!

    Also, quick note, I've been on this site for like...2 years now.

    • Wow, that's a lot of questions an answers:)

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    • Awww thanks for BA!

    • Your welcome:)

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  • I don't really ask questions, and when I do, I typically search and see if the same question has been asked recently. If I don't see something, I ask. Mostly I only ask questions because I actually want to know, not just for fun. So I don't have that problem.

    I do get bored answering the same questions over and over again, though. Especially when the question is on the SAME FREAKING PAGE as a very similar one.

    I'll usually go for whichever one of them has more information.

    • how many questions you asked so far?

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    • It's not bad. I like answering questions that are valid, and reading other people's answers on things that I'm curious about.

    • thats good you enjoy it, I like this site a lot myself. Its a really good site. espically making new friends:) by the way would you like to be friends?

  • I ask question A LOT!

    Anywhere, anytime!

    Here on this site, out in the real world, etc.

    Questions I get tired of? I guess seeing similar types of question over and over again.

    It's like you're repeating yourself over and over again. Repetition gets aggravating after awhile.

    I know that people can have about the same question at about the same time, but still.

    It can get a little old at times.

    Why, there are some questions I avoid completely! x DD

  • Nobody seems to answer my questions. I think they avoid them because they are personal and relationship ones that I need advice on. But, I always search out answers before I post. I don't want to repeat unless I find something super old. I answer questions if it's something I know or feel I can help on, otherwise I try to avoid.

    • What questions do you need to answer?

    • The ones I have posted. That is if you meant need answered, haha! Otherwise I have more in my head but don't have them out yet. As for which I need to answer, probably those that I need to focus more on.

    • Do you still need questions need to be answered or your okay for right now?

  • I answer more than I ask, I get tired of the " does he like me.."


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  • I haven't asked a question or feel that there was a need to ask a question yet, just all answers so far.

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