Trends on Girlsaskguys.

there are several trends that I've noticed:

+ girls post more questions than guys

+ Girls receive more replies from guys, regardless of topic and vice versa

+ Girls who post pics of themselves tend to get more replies

+ Half the anonymous posts are asinine

Any other trends you've noticed?


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  • SOME people want to ask for advice but want to hear what they want to hear not what honest advice you really have lol.

    SOME people cannot take honesty, they take it personally and/or get offended.

    SOME people feel the need to be rude and defend their f*** ups instead of just owning up to it and taking constructive criticism and advice.

    SOME people are ridiculously immature and are unable to have a conversation or debate their opposing opinions (especially about touchy topics) without calling names and being rude to get their point across.


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  • Any other trends you've noticed?

    - Most of the guys on here are either misogynists, unattractive, awkward, or sensitive virgins

    - Most of the gals on here are insecure needing reassurance of their attractiveness

    - Many of the gals on here have an idealistic view of guys

    - Many of the guys on here have a negative view on gals

  • Trends..

    Guys send out requests to any and every girl on this site like they are building a virtual harem

    An alarming # of girls on this site have a lot of self hate and can't take an honest answer

    The guys answer those attention whore questions with much zest if there's a lotta chest

    Guys will send to girls who have pictures up yet they don't have pictures up

    • I've made a very strong effort not to obtain any online relationship with anyone. I always think "Dateline: How to catch a predator" when the thought creeps up.

    • Yeah..some of these girls are putting stuff up that if shared privately, and not to the whole site, with an older could land him in hot water

    • That's why all my relationships have been P2P, never online.

  • well the site is called GIRLS-ask-guys, not GUYS-ask-girls lol just jking ;)

  • I am not sure what other trends are except for the dreaded popular question asked by everyone; "Do you you how I can get my Ex back?"

  • Guys tend to go on more senseless ranting than girls do on here. By ranting, I mean long, monotonous bashing of a subject that goes on for several paragraphs. The person then praises the people that agree, and has a flame war with the people that dissent. Guys also ask more political questions.

  • If I post something in sexuality that is detailed, I all of a sudden have like 5 more friend requests than normal, and all guys. My profile says happily taken, I don't want to flirt with you. I don't wanna talk on Skype with you. etc.

  • Girls post more about problems, and guys post more about advise

  • Trends, hmmm. Yeah like 70% of the guys on this site are ...what udolipixie said.


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  • + I've noticed that far more girls post pictures of themselves than guys.

    + Girls are less likely to use paragraph breaks.

    + There's a fair bit of both guys and girls not putting their correct age in when they register.

    + Often times people will omits parts of stories that are embarrassing to them or makes them look bad when asking for advice, making it harder to give them good advice.

    + Girls seem to ask more questions about "how to get back/make a guy jealous" than guys.

    + I'd say guys and girls are equally unwilling whenever possible to avoid being the first one to make a move.

    + The girls on this site generally have more experience in the dating world than most of the guys.

    • At your last point. It's because most guys on here are 1. Insensitive virgins 2. Awkward 3. Unattractive and 4. Hating on women.

    • Most guys on GAG don't have pix, so we don't know their looks most of the time. As for the rest , I think it is about equal with both genders not wanting to make serious changes to make themselves more appealing. Fat girls don't want to exercise, and shy guys never want to make a move .

  • As to your points I would say girls are generally more inquisitive when it comes to relationship advice, and since those questions are largely addressed towards guys, more guys are likely to answer those questions... This is Girls Ask Guys after all. I agree many anonymous posts are trash, thus why they get less replies.

    Most of the questions I answer are posed by girls. Girls tend to ask questions with as little detail as possible or with fictional scenarios that kind of represent what they want to know. It's like they are being secretive and don't want to expose what is really happening. If you drag it out of them through conversation they will eventually tell you what is happening, or will contact you in private and spill to you and you alone if you have their trust.

    Guys on the other hand tend to ask very direct questions that need no further investigation. You can give them a direct answer and they can walk away with what they really wanted to know.

    Both sexes post tons of vitriol. I'd say the amount from each sex is about even, there are just far more questions from girls so it makes it easier to answer a number of female questions.

  • Short lists of possible answers that focus on the negative.

    Wait, that might just be a trend in this thread.

    Did anyone mention Misandry yet?

    A uniform trend would be: Both sexes are distrusting of the other, generally.

    Most questions are outward focused, like aiming at their partner. There isn't often consideration of their own actions.

    The wording of some questions implicitly assume certain things are true, that aren't.

    As to be expected, people asking questions don't know what to do. I'd go so far as to say, they don't know what they're doing. Or, why they're doing it sometimes.

    Does anyone else feel like this is a sad state of affairs?

    Before coming here I was a top contributor on Yahoo Answers for dating/relationships.

  • yeah I like to act like a cocky f*** and call myself a ninja a lot.

    and I get hit on a lot, its ridiculous, like, come on girls, control yoselves!

  • In general. Users don't understand that this site isn't real. It isn't anything like the real world with real people.