Do you ever stop and think about how many people are on GAG and all the stories?

I always wonder how many gags members have passed away in last few years, just the thought of all the many dramatic story's on gags and time's where account become nothing but creepy silence Just gives me the chills. Do you wonder about all the story's behind the faces? I've talk people on gags that still have account but they now silent and it make me worry and wonder if they are OK, I mean if they are still alive would they have closed accounts if they were no longer going use the site?

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  • wow that's really thoughtful. I am really seeing men anymore being more down to earth and realistic and real than girls these days(which sucks for you guys). Anyhow never expierenced but know what you mean. they could have just stopped coming on I know a few people that never closed out accounts. but you know its a weird feeling when yeah your talking to this person and a month later realized there news feed is nothing aymore- don't let it get to you but yeah I guess if you really had a connection it will hurt just like in real life. Good luck and sorry if you are feeling this about a specific someone

    • Well it a creepy silence with many user! More creepy the feel of lose lol

    • i hear ya that's why this site is too cool things you would never think of that few did makes you think!

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  • They say in a 100 years, there'll be 500 million Facebook accounts for dead people. However, Facebook can turn your Facebook into a memorial page if requested. On sites like GaG, they don't do that function and so the thought of accounts for dead people is a bit freaky but there's not much you can do about it. Friends/family members most likely wouldn't know they used this site or any other sites for that matter besides Facebook so a lot of sites will be kept open unfortunately and it's inevitable. However, some people stop using sites for no reason. A lot of people will use GaG often but then something will change in their lives which makes them choose a different website or to stop using it altogether. It doesn't necessarily mean they've died! Also if they've stopped using it due to a distraction, they'll just forget about it, so they won't close their account.

    • lol to me who ever stops using the internet is dead weight LOL

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  • I haven't been here long enough to be aware of anyone who's passed away. But on other sites I've known people online who died. I find it amusing that people insist online connections aren't real or the same as offline. But when someone I knew extensively and online only killed herself, I still felt as if I lost a friend.

    • How did you find out about the passing away with so Many member ?

    • Your not a ghost are you ?

    • haha no. Just busy at work :P

      I first saw her tagged in a picture of a drawing of her, and comments that sounded like a tribute. So I checked her page, sure enough, there were wall posts of mourning and tributes to her. Upon scrutinizing and asking, I learned she decided to commit suicide.

  • Wow can you give some specific examples? I presume deaths from the GAG demographic would come from suicidal/psychiatric disorders. Maybe one ought not to spend so much time talking to anonymous people with major issues. It's bound to get to you sooner than later...

    • Well some of them might be in jail lol or hOmless ... When I first joined The site I was talking to A user then one day while that users account was still open she when silent , the person didn't even close the account like other usually do. Good online frend bid mystery!