GIRLS: if you find guys confusing in any way I'm happy to answer any question you have. lol I'm just trying this out.


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  • okay then pleeeease help me with this:so there are pros that he likes me

    we live in a students' hostel door to door

    he teases me a bit, he tries to be funny, when I look at him I have to smile and he smiles back (but probably any guy would smile if any girl did this), he liked my pic on Facebook and a status (although he isn't that active on there) he sometimes came over to watch TV and chat when I was alone in my room or when my roomie and I was there (he never did this when only my roomie was alone at the room but she already have a bf), I asked him if he wanna go to the cinema( first he wanted to bring a friend (she lives next to our rooms and he knows her for ages so they are really just friends) but then we went alone because she wasn't there and he was more a gentleman than when we were out with friends,of course we sometimes touch each other (innocent touches on the arm or something)but he seems to love touching people in general, I think he checked out my body a few times and he is always extremely nice (he is one of the nicest persons I know)i think sometimes we look each other a bit longer in the eyes than I do with other (but this can only be wishful thinking)

    the signs that he might just be really nice: he always asked what I did and what I will do at the weekend but he never asked me if we do something together, he never asked me out, we are on holidays for a month now but he hasn't contact me on Facebook and once I wrote him if he likes operettes and if he was free on Saturday (I had to see it and I could bring another person and he loves music and it is on a lake so I thought it would be kind of romantic) bit he never answered...

    also a friend just told me that he and a good friend of him kissed each other a few times (but his friend has a f***ing buddy and claims that they are just friends (she doesn`t like such rumours so that she is really mad at all person who claims that she likes him)) but he never mentioned her when he told me something he did (like once he said he was in the cinema with his friend and that girl and his friend`s girlfriend was also there)

    • wow that's alot...even I'm alil confused here. the best thing to do is straight up ask him out or just say "do you like me? yes or no." he won't find it weird if you ask. if you do like him. ask him with a smile so he knows that he can say yes without being rejected. if you have a straight face he might think your about to let him down. and if he doesn't like you like that and he's nice then hell let you down easy. I promise it won't make your relationship awkward.

    • hmm okay probably I am brave enough one day...

      thanks :)

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  • Do guys have an appreciation for romantic/cute moments? Or are they pretty indifferent to them? Lol. Every time a guy does something sweet for me, I get major butterflies. I wonder if guys have the same reaction of a girl does something special for them.

    • i am personally pretty romantic and corny so if a girl does somthing sweet or we have those romantic movie moments I get really romantic and passionate. guys will act like they don't care but most like it and are too afraid to show their soft side

  • Let's say your skinny yet fit your like an MMA fighter/ doing taewando... but the girl your flirting with (me) is toned & but big boned likes you back. You guys are working out great but Does her body size matter to you?

    (I have huge yet toned thighs but I'm not skinny all around. I have meat js) I'm cubby toned LOL

    • im an mma fighter and kung fu fighter. I like thick legs to some extent and meat on the bones is healthy so you should be fine

    • K thanks :)

  • what I find confusing is sometimes when guys don't know what they want.

    • i really don't know what your talking about. were normally upfront about what we want or at least fairly obvious. but we get a bit indecicive here and there depending on what the situation is. we tend not to make decisions till the last minute though.

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    • oh. I see now.

      gus basicly have three brain when it comes to dating: their head, their heart, and their d***. ahahahaha. it souds funny but its true.

      part of us truly cares wich is the good part. part of us wants to bang the sh*t out of you, and part of us wants to stay away so we don't mess up by either letting the heart take over and make us look like a p****. or our d*** take of=ver my maken us look like...welll... a d***. it gets more complicated but yea. that's the simplest way to say it

  • I posted a question on here not too long ago and I am still looking for answers:


    Thanks! XD


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