GAG, please change this site so that blocked users cannot comment on your answers!

It's happened to me several times now that I had to block a user after he started calling me bad names or insulted me in a racist or sexist way, and then the first thing that user does, is look for some of my answers and comments on it, continuing to insult me.

Why in the world would a user that I just blocked (for good reasons!) be allowed to harass me further on my non-anonymous answers?


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  • Just report the harassment until something is done.

    • I do and I do and I do...but nothing happens.

    • I meant report to the website...

    • I meant that too.

  • Because some always have to have the last word and will go through great lengths to get it. Sad, but true.

    • But why does the site allow BLOCKED users to still comment on your answers?

    • I don't know. I think that maybe something they can answer on.

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  • Once you block a member, they cannot answer your questions or comment on your answers. If you find otherwise, please contact us with the link to the question you are referring to.

    • I've had an ongoing discussion with the user on one of my answers. Only after I reported each single of his comments, they finally got deleted. But don't tell me blocked users cannot comment on my answers, this one did it and it happened to me before. Something is not working correctly on this site as it seems...

    • Like I said - if you can please contact us with the specific link that you are talking about, we will not only look into it, we will remedy the issue and find out what's going on.

  • Um, once you've blocked someone they cannot comment/rate your answer.

    I've blocked enough and been blocked enough to know this lmao...unless something has changed, cause I hadn't been on for like a week...

    Now, I do understand there's a nutcracker on here who has this problem called being a retard. Despite the fact that he's an almost 30 year old virgin, he seems to gain joy and pleasure out of creating multiple accounts to comment on my sh*t and try to come across as smart by interrogating people and downvote my answers.

    Block the person

    • I do block them, but they can comment on answers I posted on someone else's questions.

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    • About 10 minutes ago. And it happened before with others.

    • Dunno

      Haven't logged in for like a week or so.

      Cause I'm blocked by many and I've blocked many and the only problem I encounter is people creating sockpuppet accounts

  • Um,once you block someone,they can't comment on anything you've posted.

    • On answers you gave to someone else's question they can.

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