Why is this website called GirlsAskGuys when guys have a lot more questions?

yea um not a lot a girl needs to know about a guy were pretty obvious to figure out. you girls got so much sh*t you don't tell and do that we don't understand I was just wondering what the web creator was thinking.


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  • Haha I wish there was a way to know the gender distribution of all of the questions asked on here of all time. I bet it's close to 50/50.

    But seriously, look at the logo. There's two arrows for a reason. The creators had to name it either "girlsaskguys" or "guysaskgirls." I guess they could have gone with "girlsaskguysaskgirls"...

    • 50/50? noooooooo. if those numbers were true it most likely means

      - Girls have repetative questions about the same sh*t

      - Girls are asking obvious questions

      -or girls think they have questions when really they just want someone to talk to

      ..as for the arrows.. makes sense

    • Girls have a lot of the same questions that guys do :P

      If you're a very simple guy that isn't hard to figure out, that's just you, it's not representative of everyone.

    • Ya I get where your comin from. I'm jus sayin we all have our own questions about each other. But overall guys have quite more.

      and I'm simple in the charactoristics of men in general. As for everything else I'm pretty complex ;)

      womens charactoristics are to toy with our simple minded brains...

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  • whoa there buddy, guys are just as difficult! don't do that. like who the f*** knows when you wanna hook or trying to get serious. like this date I just went on, the guy bought flowers paid for dinner and then invited me to his friends cook out the next day, but said all he wanted to do was f***..?

    yeah, pretty easy to understand there.


    • #1. Guys always wanna f***

      #2. If theyre serious theyll let you know

      not to be rude but...pretty basic

    • but you'd think that cause.. your a guy.

      no offense but you would know.


    • i would know

  • It only seems obvious to you since you're a guy..

    both genders are equally curious about one another.. there no harm in asking questions and getting other opinions.

    About the site name, who cares one had to go first.

    • ya the site name was kinda a joke, it wasn't a serious question.

      but guys are definitely more obvious overall.

      we like you or we dont. we don't play games. and were horny 24/7

      ...there I just answered all your questions about men

    • Haha, well you have some things to learn don't you.

    • speaking for my whole gender...yes we all do

  • Guys aren't always easy to figure out, just saying, I know girls are worse haha, and I don't know why this site is called GirlsAskGuys, maybe it was to be polite.

    • Ladies first I guess ;)

  • Guys are easy to figure out if you are a guy.

    Trust me some of the things guys do are unbelievably confusing. Like the disappearing act then reappearing like nothing happened. Sorry to me, disappearing means that he is no longer interested, so why reappear. Why do guys think all girls like jerks. Why do so many guys think they are nice guys when they are really jerks then blame it on the girl saying she only likes jerks. If that were true she would like him. Why do so many guys think that looks don't matter to us. Why do ugly guys think they deserve a hot girl or better question why do the guys think that a hot girls should have to settle for an ugly guy.

    • Ya well nobody, male or female, knows what anyones thinking. nobodys a mind reader. But I always hear from guys that they are just mind blown as to what the hell some of these girls do and think. We all have our different mindsets but I feel guys have a lot of the common charactoristics. and girls do too, but not as many. and like you said about nice guys and jerks, we are so confused as to what you want us to be that we question what these girls are thinking. Which just adds on to more and more Qs

    • So basically guys are just as confusing to us girls as we are to you guys.

  • guys aren't obvious...at all.

    • No kidding.

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    • ya I know guys understand guys, girls undrstnd girls, but in an intimate situation when there is feeling involved between a guy and a girl, out of the two, the girl is going to be a lot more complex to work with than a guy.

    • i disagree. in my experience, the guy has been very complicated and I've been straightforward, open, honest, etc. its like sitting next to a ticking time bomb...never know how he's going to react.

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