I kind of make it my goal to try and answer all of the important aspects of a question. I'm curious as to what you think?

I'm just wondering if there's someone on this site with time on their hands that would read some of my answers for me, and tell me what they think of my "style" I guess... I'm not really sure how to explain it, I'd just like some feedback. I kind of make it my goal to try and answer all of the important aspects of a question without being offensive in any way. Just tell me what you think, and be honest. (not cruel!) Keep in mind that I am a Christian, and many of my answers have some religion in them, so I'd prefer if you don't base your judgement of my answer off of your personal agreement or disagreement with my faith.



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  • Sure, you can send me your answers.

    • well, I have quite a lot of them... I'm sure you wouldn't want to read all of them, but if you go to my profile, you can just read through the ones you want

    • From the few answers that I have read, it appears that you genuinely care and want to help people. Some people may get turn off your answers because it's relating to religion. However, it's nice to see a perspective from that route because many people don't have the courage to voice a religious solution. You present a logical answer. I, personally, disagree with the friend zone issue, but you have some valid points. Just keep doing what you're doing, and people will be better because of it.

    • Thank you very much :)

  • I read a few of your answers: the one about girls being attracted to a younger looking guy; women in p*rn industry; and the gender of God.

    I was very impressed. You're honest, reasonable, fair, wise, insightful and kind. :)

    • D'awww :) lol I really do try my best to not just make everyone happy, but to give the advice that I feel is right, you know?

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