Eh, not sure what to title this.

I'm noticing how silly many of the topics are around here.

It makes me wonder what do you guys do when REAL LIFE creeps into your relationships..

When it's not just silly fun and games any longer do you all run for the hills or what?

do y' each other with chemo therapy appointments...pick somebody up out of jail...are there for them when their brother passes away...are there after a car accident...when the house burns down or floods...when somebody loses a job...when somebody has the stomach flu and just vomited on the movies...clubbing...drinking...going to diving...OTHER STUFF COMES UP...nobody talks much about here.


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  • Most relationships are just silly fun and games.

    Why else would so many end so quickly?

    Why else would you tell someone I love you, and the next day I hate you?

    All relationship not based in unconditional love is silly fun and games, according to me.

    Silly fun and games have its place but many pretend that the silliness is seriousness.

    "Love" is simply a word for most and the romantics measure their love in gifts and grand gestures.

    One day humanity will awaken to what love actually is : )


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  • We SIP and hang in there :) and it all gets better. Why run for hills, when one has to eventually come down :D , and find a bigger mess.

  • Dating is just fun stuff, many people who claim to have a relationship don't actually have one.


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