Has GAG replaced my ability to communicate with people in my immediate surroundings?

I have begun to wonder... now that I use GAG for so many of my questions/problems related to the opposite gender I hardly ever ask anyone else (girls or guys). Has that happened to you guys? Do you rely on this site a lot to give you advice as opposed to friends?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • This site is the blind leading the blind...

    don't...just don't


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What Guys Said 3

  • This is as I shoud be. Now that you have us, you needn't any longer associate with the riff raff.

  • Considering this site is almost all bullsh*t, you might wanna explore other sources of information.

    • haha really, do you think so?

  • GAG has actually made me really start to hate people. At first I joined this site to also resolve how I was feeling during a break up situation. But the more I have been on this site, the more I have actually begun to dislike the human race. For example, I watched a 9/11 question get answered in a completely diplomatic fashion and was down voted to shreds. Then there are the people who have a political opinion and really have no idea why. The "give me free things" and "lets all share" attitude just doesn't work. The dotcom kids who were spoiled from mommy and daddys money are coming on here to complain about things like having to work, and not getting what they want, etc. It's just sickening.

    • oh wow, yeah, I can see that

What Girls Said 4

  • no thank god. I don't take anyone or anything serious on gag because everyone is unreliable

    • huh. maybe I shouldn't take people so seriously haha

    • haha If you want you can :P

  • Heck yeah

    • haha so you don't tell your friends as much because you use this site?

  • As oppose to friends? Absolutely not! This place is a carnival, full of immature raging virgins who know nothing about life outside their little heads. What entertainment harbors around here gets quickly deleted. It is supposed to be an informative site about girls asking guys questions, yet there is such a swarm of misogynistic guys here that force majority of questions from girls to post anonymous. It's really sad. I have pointed this out to administration, though nothing has being done.

    • huh yeah, there are so many creepy guys on this site. I hate the ones about like... do you prefer anal? blah blah. I don't know they are weird. everything is so subjective with that question

  • " Do you rely on this site a lot to give you advice as opposed to friends?"

    Hell NO.

    90% of the stuff people say on here is so out their asses, completely illogical, and doesn't help worth a damn.

    Majority of the people on here don't know two nickles worth of plausible information in regards to dating and opposite gender. The real world only half - way functions like people believe it does on this website.

    Stick with your REAL time friends, your own better judgement, or at least figure out who knows what's up on this site before believing with all your heart and soul lol.

    • hahaha huh. this makes me rethink using this site so much!