Girls, have you ever had success in meeting men on GirlsAskGuys?

Whats it like being a girl on this website?

Is it like the real world where you get hit on by a lot creepers?

Do you ever meet anyone meaningful? To Guys ask you out on here?

Do you get your inbox pumped full of 100 messages a week?

Bottom line - have you met anyone meaningful?

And the ones that did meet someone or talk to someone, what drew you to them.


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  • Guys bother me on here about ten thousand times as much as they do in real life. They chat me up when I don't feel like talking and don't leave me alone when I don't respond. Sometimes they say really creepy things and it's really annoying. I've just stopped accepting friend requests from guys all together.

    Bottom line, don't bother girls on here. If they don't talk to you, they don't want to.


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  • I am probably one of the top people who just won't let it happen. I've set up my account so I wouldn't get so many messages and won't accept friend requests.

  • A bunch of creeps on here who I get rid of if they want to sex chat but I did meet my boyfriend on here. We talked and Skyped for 8 months. I flew down to south Carolina to visit him and 3 weeks later he sold his house and moved to Illinois. We currently live together :)

    • Jesus Christ Holy Infatuation that's fast.

    • haha well he added me because he thought I was a troll so we started talking on here, then on the phone then he pretty much fell from me the min he first saw my face. It took time for me to like him but he grew on me.. I still adore him so much

  • i met my current boyfriend on here :)


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