What time are you usually on GirlsAskGuys (weekends)?

What time are you usually on GirlsAskGuys (Weekends)? And what Time Zone? Ex: Pacific, Central, Etc.

-What time do you think MOST people are on GirlsAskGuys?

  • 8AM-10 AM
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  • 1PM-3 PM
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  • 4PM-6 PM
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  • 7PM-Incredibley late
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Interesting fact about time zones--time zones were made when the railroads were made. There were too many different times for too many different states so making a train on time was impossible. So they made timezones in order for it to be easier. Since people hardly ever use trains anymore, you'd have to wonder why they don't just get rid of the timezones, right?

    I live in Cleveland, Ohio. It's a odd place in terms of time because while Ohio is considered the midwest (which is under central time), we're actually on Eastern time, especially Cleveland because we were a big industrial city which affiliated with the stock market and the East rather than farmers in the west (central). Even so, all of Ohio IS EST.

    I'm on here just whenever I have a chance to, no matter if it's the weekend or not. I enjoy GAG except for when I see trolling questions/answers. That really annoys me!

    I think most people are on late, like 8-10 pm as that's when most people are at home, getting ready for bed or whatever and want to check their messages etc..


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What Guys Said 2

  • When I don't want to do my homework

    That's usually some time between 6 pm and 2 am on any given day. EST because you asked lol

    I think most people are on around the same time actually. A lot of people use gag as a procrastination tool

  • The time I should be doing homework so late. Sometimes early. Central time.


What Girls Said 2

  • On any given night, I'm most active on the site between 10pm and 2am, just because that's about the time I'm done watching TV with my family and get to have some alone time. I live in the Central time zone.

  • I'm hardly on anymore. My work is trying to kill me:p (just a joke between my supervisor and I).

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