People that aren't voting have no right to complain about the outcome.

In reading a lot of the political-based questions here on GAG, it seems that many people aren't voting for President at all. It seems that Obama is popular among younger women and men, Romney is popular among mid 20's to older men but not women. But there is a heavy influence toward Obama from people who say they aren't voting. I don't need to name people, but I am sure the GAG regulars know who I am talking about. I just think these people shouldn't contribute if they aren't voting. You know that they are going to complain when things don't go "their way" too. It's almost like a need for dramatics. We vote in people who represent what is "best" for us. When things don't go "our" way, we have no one to blame but ourselves since we voted in these people.


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  • Yeah well they will complain anyway - how much do you want to bet?


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  • I'd say most of the people who aren't voting aren't doing so because they think both candidates are nincompoops.

  • Romney has a lot of experience that helps but what scares me about Romney is his personal views and esp the 47% speech.

    I still can't believe that many people don't vote..I think 60-70% voted last time?

    • 2 minutes was cut out of that 47% speech by Mother Jones. I encourage you to listen to the whole thing.

    • I did. His personal views still scare me.

    • We separate Church and State in America so his religious views obviously won't apply. He said he would eliminate Federal funding from Planned Parenthood (seeing as they are a private company) not eliminate the organization all together. He would leave the top level tax the same, and would decrease middle-class taxes. There are many levels of government necessary to take away peoples rights. Romney was sitting Governor in Massachusetts when the gay marriage act was passed too.

  • What's your point? I don't see a question at all.

    • What is my point? My point is that there are extremely vocal people here about politics and some that aren't old enough to vote, or are so outspoken and bias to one side yet won't vote for this candidate. I just think it is unfair and stupid.

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  • On the contrary, wouldn't you have no right to complain if you elect an idiot to office, since it was your doing?

    • We already elected one in 2008, and I voted for him. Not doing that again.

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    • Well the village called, and they are looking for their idiot (Obama).

    • We're you expecting me to say something else? lol Because that was jumping around the topic again and sounds scripted.

  • That doesn't take into account how many things are going on behind the scenes without our knowledge and politicians lying, etc etc.

    I am not voting since I don't see the point anymore. The political system has become too corrupt and the mainstream voters are just voting between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. I'm going to complain if I feel like it.

    • Well see you have a reason to not want to vote, you just aren't complaining for no reason.

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