How many people have actually noticed this

on the bottom of a question there is this handy bit of advice. I just noticed it but didn't need the fine print to know there are outrageous answers.

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do you think more people should take note of this?

also do you think there should be a disclaimer that if you ask dumb questions you deserve of bad answers?


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  • Use common sense? I guess that goes over a lot of peoples heads.

    • so could you tell me something: am I pregnant if I let a guy hold my hand?


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    • so you think I have aids? if he was gay do I have the dreaded GAIDS?

    • Yes and GAIDS is worse than regular aids. Also remember who ever you come in contact with will also get the GAIDS and likely die because of you

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  • To your last question, yes. Because that's the way of the jungle. Society has a nice way of correcting idiotic behavior, it's called backlash. If you float in a bubble of stupidity and bliss, prepare to get popped the very moment you bring that pixie sh*t to a lion's den. Welcome to the internet.

    Surviving here is actually very easy. Even the biggest rats and the hastiest cockroaches can bake their own bread. It's a matter of not taking things up the ass. For those you simply cannot stand for whatever reason, just ignore/block them. Simple, yes?

    • maybe you can help me with my questions that I asked smartarst

  • Common sense isn't offered as a core class, anymore :(


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